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  1. Kinda tough ;))

    1. Mavly


      kInDa HoT

  2. Cutest Intro out there ;))
  3. Avlyy

    Hey Hey ;))

  4. Avlyy

    Hey Hey ;))

    Hey Hey, I'm Avlyy! I'm kind of a loser compared to Mavly! A few things about me: :L: - I don't like my real-life name so please call me Avlyy or Av :L: - I'm very sweet and love new friends <3 :L: - My favorite color is pink (I know, pretty basic) but I look waayyy better in yellow ;)) :L: - My favorite movies are Coraline, Ponyo and Spirited Away~ :L: - I'm single and look like a rat ;)) :L: - If you see me online I'll most likely be at ./warp teacups with Galaxy and Mavly. Occasionally Ghoste <3 :L: - My favorite ride is POTC :L: - ermmm I'm pretty boring and slightly basic but I try my best??? :L: - uhhmmm, Mavly is most likely better and umm just letting you know, I'm the eighth dwarf: Cutie ;)) - I'm also the ninth: loser *windex squirt bottle sounds*
  5. You're the nicest and most generous person I've ever met 

    1. Mavly


      Awh, thank you!

    2. statawesomeguy


      It’s truer 


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