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  1. /ban davidzoo For bringing up a dead topic
  2. /ban cjh66 For caring so much about numbers
  3. For me Zootopia, Mulan, or Wreck It Ralph.
  4. For me the best Disney Sequels are Toy Story 2, Lion King 1.5, The MCU, and Tarzan 2. (Shocking, but I like Tarzan 2 because nostalgia.)
  5. Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2. Oh and all the Marvel movies. Sorry I'm not a fan of the Disney Remakes.
  6. @Punkey Who's your favorite Doctor? Mine is either the 2nd (Patrick Troughton) or the 7th. (Sylvester Mccoy)
  7. /ban cjh66 For always stalking my profile
  8. Push was a good robot. An amazing talking trash can who made many people laugh with joy, may he forever rest in piece. Amen.

    Push The Talking Trash Can


  9. Got Majestic. It feels right to give more for what the server has done for me. (Not trying to flex. Why would I? That's kind of a jerk move.)

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