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  1. Such a fun opportunity to share my experiences and passion for the team! ✨< 3
  2. Hey Everyone! Long time no see!

    I recently had the opportunity to be apart of the Palace Speakers interview for June! It was such a fun experience to get to express my love and journey towards the staff team and my passion for Palace as a whole! I definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever interested in joining our team, or if you just wanna learn more about me! Happy reading!



  3. long time no see!

    hey there everyone! how are we all doing! i have missed doing regular status’ and just wanted to check in! it’s a new week, and i hope you all do an incredible job and work hard in whatever may come your way! remember you always have people by your side to support you! know that you are strong, capable, and enough! go after this next week with that new mindset!

    also, who’s excited for spring? it’s right around the corner and the weather is already starting to get warmer! what’s your favorite part about spring? lemme know below!

    well, that’s all for me, make today a great one!


    1. Potofantom


      Hiya Brody, great to see you check in! Springtime is the perfect time to do outdoor activities: ride a bike, read a good book, or take a casual walk in a park on a warm day with a light breeze 🌬️🌞🚶‍♂️

    2. StarryNight


      I'm excited for Spring!!

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