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  1. WOOO! So excited for this! Great job team!
  2. woo! first time winning the day! thanks everyone for supporting my post’s, i love providing y’all with new content! much love!



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    2. DecentDorito


      WOOO! Congratulations, Brody! 💗

    3. AriPenguin


      Woooo! Northy!!

    4. SweetHoneyTea_


      Wooo, congratulations! Thank you for being active on the forums, it's lovely to see them getting used more often!

  3. also, on another note, it looks like for the first time ever, i am winning the day so far! woo! thank you all so much for the support and love on my status’ and posts recently, it means the world. can we keep that #1 for the rest of the day? :0 




  4. Happy Friday everyone!

    i hope you all have a wonderful day today with whatever you may embark on! first full day of being green for me and it has already been so special, i truly can’t wait for the journey ahead. if you have not already, check out my last status to see a sappy post about how thankful i am for this opportunity!

    also another cool thing is, i am nearly at the 900 rep mark! woo! so close to 1000, i can almost touch it! thank you all for helping me reach this far, it means so much to me!

    now, i wanna know a little bit about you, a QOTD! what’s something fun you are planing on doing this weekend, or rather something you are looking forward to? i wanna hear your answers!

    make today a great one!


    1. buzzbee3


      AOTD: i'm looking forward to playing on palace over the weekend! and congrats on trainee ❤️

    2. NobodyBut


      happy friday brody! im moving on sunday so kinda excited for that! 

  5. The day my dream became a reality.

    (warning, long message ahead)

    I can't believe I am finally positing this status, it truly feels unreal. Today was one of the best days ever, and most likely the best day on my palace journey this far. I  am so excited to officially announce..... I am a new member of the Palace network staff team! Oh my gosh I just said that. This is crazy. Am I dreaming? Last year Brody would have never believed this, and would have probably passed out too. But here I am, your newest Trainee! Id like to say some thank you's, but also just, be thankful and live in the moment.

    Funny story, being on the Palace staff team has been a dream of mine for almost 4 years now, but sadly I never had the courage to apply back in the McMagic days. Fast-forward to July 2020, I rejoined the server, not knowing I would soon be a guide, and shortly after, be a trainee! My journey has had its ups and its downs, but the experiences I've had have truly brought me to where I am today, and I COULD NOT BE MORE GRATEFUL. Every win, every loss, every milestone, was all worth it. I, again, cannot believe im standing here saying that I made it. Wow. What a dream come true. Truly a magical day. I am so honored to be trusted with this position. Shoot, anddddd im crying. Pardon me :cries: OK anyway, yeah, life is cool and so is Palace! No risk, no reward.

    Id love to say some thank you's if you don't mind, to some amazing people who have been alongside me throughout my whole Palace journey, I would not be here without them by my side. I really have made some of my best friends here on the server! 

    First off, @NobodyBut @_jamesss_ @AriPenguin @baifelicia @craftygirlygamer @HannAurorah, I AM SO EXCITED TO BE ALONGSIDE YALL ON THIS JOURNEY! Cant believe we get to be trainees together! I love you all so much, could not have asked for a better group! Secondly, shoutout to my amazing Guide friends who stuck with me and went through the guide program alongside me, there are so many to tag, but I am thankful for each of you! I love you all so much! Ok, next, HUGE thank you to some of my amazing palace besties who have been with me on this journey and have been huge cheerleaders throughout the process, @SweetHoneyTea_ @Crispy_Cream @DecentDorito @CharlotteGrande75 @WowItsCow @PupThunder @Aewo @brino @Disneyland1955 @imapanduh_ @Disneyfan @Utopiaa_ @anna_snowman1@_trisarahtops_@Becks322@heavenest @SkipperJacob @DerpyRamenNoodle @StitcherSam @pinkiness@WILLINGWINGS81 @ActualFacts@MegHerobrine14 @RRainbow_ @CamShea @Huxleigh@lunaology @Chow__Time, and SO MANY MORE. I am so thankful for each of you, BIG TIME. I love you all so very much. Cant believe I get to have friends like yall! And finally, a special thank you to @BobRosscoe @Brant @JackThePotato @ScanWorks @RRandomm @TheCraftyBatmanfor all being apart of making this dream come to life. I will never be able to express how grateful I am to you all for allowing me to be apart of your team, I am so excited, and I hope I only exceed your expectations for the team as a whole. I love you each so dearly! AND TO EVERYONE ON PALACE, I LOVE YOU ALL! ❤️

    Ok, im nearing the end now. As I depart into this next season, I could not be more grateful. For every memory, every cry, every laugh, every special moment. I am so grateful. Thank you all for being there for me every step of the way. Here we go, Palace Network Staff Team, IM READY FOR YOU! GREEN BRODY GREEN BRODY GREEN BRODY!

    Trainee: 1/21/20






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    2. NobodyBut


      oh my brody went and wrote an essay! can't wait to work with you brother brody! cant believe we made it ❤️

    3. CharlotteGrande75



    4. Crispy_Cream



  6. it’s been a minute!

    good afternoon palace! when was the last time i posted a status? it really has been awhile! anyway, i hope you are all doing amazing and continue to have an incredible day! i just go off of a plane back home from the great state of flo-ride-a for a disney day and an event i attended! it was a blast! thank you everyone for following along! i’m honestly have a pretty amazing day so far, and i hope you are as well!

    i hope to make time to post more often, but for now, i will see you later!

    make today a great one!



    1. StarryNight


      So glad your back!

    2. SweetHoneyTea_


      So so happy you are back bestie! I hope you had an amazing Trip and WOO GREEN BRO BRO! 🥺💚

  7. SURPRISE! new year calls for a new username!


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    2. baifelicia


      i love it bro bro! 

    3. Aewo


      Love da new name!

    4. SweetHoneyTea_


      iconic 🤍

  8. i present to you, the one, the only, Guide Interview!🎄

    this was a blast to partake in! i loved not only getting to learn more about my fellow guides, but express my love for the program! it was a privilege to contribute! thank you @sofieology and @BobRosscoe for this opportunity! love you both big time!

    have a Merry Christmas! make it a great one!

    -JingleNorthern | Brody



    1. SweetHoneyTea_


      I only just read it but, go icons!! ❤️ 

  9. This was SOO fun to do! Thank you Sofie and Ross for giving us this opportunity! We love you both!❤️✨
  10. something special might be coming your way today, maybe something like... an interview? be on the lookout!👀🎄

    -JingleNorthern | Brody

    1. StarryNight


      If there's an interview there's a Starry! 🤣👀

    2. baifelicia
  11. Sadly, my family does not have many traditions, but one thing we seem to continue to do every Christmas is looking at Christmas lights! My family will all hop in our car, fold down the back seats, and put some pillows and blankets in the back to lay down and watch the lights as we pass by! We will also pack snacks and popcorn to eat while we’re driving by! It’s also just a fun time spend with family and rate the houses based on how good their lights are!
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