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  1. The good old days when skeppy joined the server

  2. The park icons for the 50th are beautiful and I mean Beautiful with a capital B

  3. Hello! Iā€™m Emporium! Some of you might remember me as PorkyPenguin or GrimGrinningGhosts but I used to play on this server a lot and plan on coming back! Here are some Q&As! āœØ Magic Kingdom šŸŖ„ Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain Least Favorite Ride: Carousel Favorite Restaurant: Be Our Guest Favorite Land: Tomorrowland šŸ Epcot šŸš… Favorite Ride: Test Track Least Favorite Ride: Frozen Ever After Favorite Restaurant: Garden Grill Favorite Land: The Land šŸŽ„ Hollywood Studios šŸæ Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror least F
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