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  1. The park icons for the 50th are beautiful and I mean Beautiful with a capital B

  2. Hello! I’m Emporium! Some of you might remember me as PorkyPenguin or GrimGrinningGhosts but I used to play on this server a lot and plan on coming back! Here are some Q&As! ✨ Magic Kingdom 🪄 Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain Least Favorite Ride: Carousel Favorite Restaurant: Be Our Guest Favorite Land: Tomorrowland 🏐 Epcot 🚅 Favorite Ride: Test Track Least Favorite Ride: Frozen Ever After Favorite Restaurant: Garden Grill Favorite Land: The Land 🎥 Hollywood Studios 🍿 Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror least F
  3. Question of the Week:


    if you had to make an attraction or show on a movie that doesn’t have any appearances in the parks already besides Meet and Greets, what would it be?


    Im stuck in between 2, Mulan and The Goofy Movie


    Mulan would be in the China pavilion at Epcot and would be a dark ride that would turn into a thrilling high speed adventure.

    and the goofy movie would be a Retheme for rock n Rollercoaster since Aerosmith is old now and once they break up or something, it would become “Rock n Roller Coaster starring Powerline!”

    1. baifelicia


      hmm, definitely kronk's new groove. i can't see what attraction it would be but i think i'd base it off of WRONG LEVER KRONK! 

    2. DecentDorito


      Ooo I love this question, I think a Mulan ride would super cool! Maybe a ride based off of Enchanted, too!

    3. LegenDanii


      i think we need a tangled themed ride! 💜

  4. that awkward moment when you forget to unmute and now you had to present your 28 slide slideshow 🤭

    1. lunaology
    2. baifelicia


      eep i felt this

    3. LegenDanii


      remote learning do be like that sometimes! 

  5. I’m back!! 

    Online college has been really making me busy during these times! But I do plan on being on palace more now!


    if you guys don’t know who I am! Some of the older players might remember me as PorkyPenguin, CoolKidDino, ImPeppaPig, etc.

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    2. LegenDanii


      welcome back!!! were glad you've returned!! 💜

    3. lunaology


      Welcome back!!

    4. pinkiness


      Welcome back to the forums!! We're so happy you have returned! 💛

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