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  1. The trams are really amazing @Gooby Very comfy! Now you’re starting to make me change my mind
  2. Come meet Fawn and Silvermist at /warp fairies, queues closed!
  3. “...Ya gotta believe I got what it takes...” Finish: “Ya want thingamabobs? I got...”
  4. /ban cjh66 for making a reference to his profile pic.
  5. They looked back and the dragon said “I’m your father, you coward!” And ate three out of four of the people, the survivor made it back alive traumatized from her adventure.
  6. My new Disney life motto 

    “Adventure is out there! So make today an adventure!”

    chocolate bar eating GIF by Disney Pixar

    1. cheetah213


      I love it! :$ UP is such a great movie honestly.

    2. Gooby


      Honestly an amazing quote 

    3. Mavly


      Cute! :JC_cupidboy:

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