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  1. So since Disney World and Disneyland announced that Splash Mountain will be getting a retheme I just wanted to Know everyone’s thoughts on this retheme. I can’t say whether or not I like the new ride since I haven’t been on it. But this ride will probably be one of the better additions to the park (with Pandora, Galaxys Edge, and Test Track)
  2. Sorry if this is late underrated land: Mexico at Epcot Great Food, Great Stores, feels as if I just traveled to Mexico! And don’t forget one of the best rides in Epcot, Gran Fiesta Tour!
  3. Yes Ma’am I wouldn’t say it’s the best ride. But it’s definitely Up there. If They retheme it to Coco. I would be Devastated. Severely Underrated Ride.
  4. Yessss. Even though the Movies has its problems and there’s no escaping the roots of it. I’m sick of all my favorite rides getting removed, Maelstrom, Great Movie Ride, and now Splash Mountain. I’m not saying you need to sign it. But if you love Splash Mountain, we can use some help.


  5. It’s official

    theyre changing Splash Mountain to a Princess and the Frog.


    splash mountain art GIF

  6. What is everyone’s favorite Disney Channel TV Show? I personally enjoyed Jessie and Bunk’d.
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