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  1. I accidentally changed one of my keyboards to Japanese... (>_<)

  2. Hit 500 rides on slinky today... Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing to be honest... 


    1. Mavly



    2. JordynDaSpahget
    3. brendem7


      Probably a little bit of both but congrats

  3. I uhh think I may have accidentally kinda uhh broke my hand at a volleyball game... it hurts to even move my wrist. 

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    2. Aquaticalo


      That's not good, how are you going to hold your record on SDD! Hope you feel better soon! 

    3. TheRealEgamer25


      Oh no hope you get better soon.


    4. Pink_RoseBud


      Oh no! Hope everything is okay! :ba:

  4. School is boring... At least I made a 94 on my history benchmark. 

  5. I typed too many paragraphs about the retired staff that my hands hurt now... 

  6. You were a really great staff members on Palace. I really miss having you as staff... I only wish that no staff had to resign, mostly because of how many memories would be lost, and so many new ones you won't make... You are an amazing person, and one of my favorites on Palace! :heart:

  7. It is really sad to see all of y'all go... I already am missing all of your jokes that you made... especially on Easter when you were cRacKinG me up... Sorry I just had to do that yolk... :P I will miss you in the parks, and can't wait to see you again! Keep up the good work as an amazing person! 

  8. You were an amazing builder, and an amazing friend! Sad to see you and your other retired staff friends go. Y'all were all so nice. Too bad you won't be able to build for Palace anymore. It was great while it lasted... Hope to see you around the parks more often! :heart:

  9. And all the fun of you being staff comes to an end. You were one of my favorite staff members, and I am really looking forward to future fun. It is always sad to see an amazing staff member like you go. All those memories are in the past now. I always loved you being staff and playing all these fun games with us. No madder how much I didn't really like Ari, you showed me that music doesn't madder. It is all about the friendships you make with people. I will miss you greatly as a staff member, Erinn!!! :heart: :ak:

  10. Well... Slinky abandoned me on the track today... At least I got a picture with my sister though... :P 


    1. YourSisterDaisy


      oop... forgot to put the picture... my bad... 


  11. It is always a sad day when our beloved staff friends resign. I know that I will remember all these amazing staff members always! :x

  12. Does anyone else just wanna sing a song so bad, but then you forget the lyrics and can't sing it... 

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    2. JordynDaSpahget


      I relate to this

    3. brendem7


      All the time lol

    4. Mavly


      Let it go! Let it g-... Nobody?

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