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  1. Just saw the teaser trailer for the live action Dumbo remake, looks really interesting and gonna make me tear up like the original, and also the surprising cast of Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, & Danny Devito, now i think i seen about everything when i see an elephant fly!

    Random Picture.gif

  2. Hey guys i know i haven't been on this server for a while, but i'm going to explain why, a lot of stuff has been happening in real life such as YouTube, Twitch, and finding a job, all those things making me not be able to come into the server, but don't worry i haven't forgotten about you guys or left the server completely, i'm just taking some time off to focus on other things atm, i will be returning to the server again soon just don't know when, but i'll give you a heads up on when i will be returning, love you all!

    - Supermask

  3. Supermask

    My thoughts on Black Panther

    Lol that was the funniest scene of the movie Considering that was an old meme from 2016 and the film takes place just after Civil War during when that meme was a thing
  4. Happy birthday to me!



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    2. Amids


      Happy birthday! Enjoy your day.

    3. partygeezer


      Happy Birthday xD

    4. SurvivalSam


      Happy birthday!

  5. Supermask

    Story Time...

    The town's local superhero "PalaceMan" arrived to save the day!
  6. Supermask

    Story Time...

    He tried to tell the truth that he was a lier, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it.
  7. Looking forward to the Marvel Takeover tomorrow with my buddy ScanWorks!



    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @Supermask!

      It is going to be very fun, enjoy!

  8. I been enjoying the spring meet and greet, here are some pictures of it!






    1. ScanWorks


      Hello @Supermask!

      We are glad you enjoyed the Spring Meet and Greet today! Those are amazing pictures also!

    2. PrinceRisk


      thats nice, and yes bsd has my skin. Idk why, but he loves my skin.

  9. Starting to work on a beach with shops, restaurants, and a pier too, will post screenshots of it when it's done ;)

  10. Joining a jogging group today, oh boy that's gonna be tiring, but hey at least i got my Mum who's been jogging with that group for a while to help me out.

    1. JustPlatinum


      This sounds exciting, have the most fun with your group today!

  11. Congratulations to the winning team (the yellow team) who is us for winning build off!



  12. Supermask

    My thoughts on Coco...

  13. Supermask

    My thoughts on Coco...

    @GreenieGirlmaybe i will when it comes out on dvd.

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