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  1. /ban batman4life33 for being named batman on a disney server, at least pick a marvel one
  2. Yeah I just changed my skin today cause I'm coming for that Haunted Mansion leaderboard
  3. RRC gives twice the money, honor, and ride count for just one ride One time it even gave me a third ride count and money at the very start of the ride
  4. 1654f68ed616100db8b2053ebc1c14ee.png


    This is my favorite ride IRL so it only seemed fitting that I get on the leaderboard for it.

    Haunted mansion....you're next

    1. Mavly


      Good luck! I heard HM needed to fill another room!


    2. batman4life33


      While I'm thrilled for you....you better beware of hitchhiking ghosts....and my rivalry with @BunnyMari!

    3. BunnyMari



  5. Of course! Ill finish the others today, if you have anything specific you want me to do just lemme know
  6. Congrats @faeriesss on Senior Mod!!!

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  7. I never played the TCG but I did collect a lot when I was younger up until I was like 18, at one point I think the most I had was around 5,000? I still kept all my favorites, most of the base set, and of course my PSA graded 10 Japanese Gengar that was an anniversary present from my lady. Id love to see your collection along with anyone else who has some!
  8. Gooby


    So there's a few little issues with the new mainstreet trolley 1. I like the idea of the 3 carts but sometimes when I'm riding with other people, It doesn't give me honor or money 2. It gives a lot of honor for such a short ride and there is no queue so it is very easy to farm since its open 24/7 now 3. It brings the nearest 3 people into the minecarts even if those people do not want to ride, and people can go AFK for hours and as long as someone is riding the trolley it will bring that AFK person along with them.
  9. Image result for saint patricks day gif


    1. Mavly


      Such a cute kitty!

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