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  1. Pride Month is going to be awesome!
  2. YNGx

    Hey, I'm YNG!

    Wow..... I was a Trainee not so long ago 😳
  3. Hey Zach! I love the introduction but I suggest editing the parts regarding your age to avoid anyone from gaining your personal information, other than that welcome to Palace and our community! ❤️
  4. It's been a while since I made one of these, how is everybody?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. that1litdisneyfreak


      im doing good! UwU

    3. YNGx


      Nope, I did not get Yes :/


    4. juliana


      Oh noo! I really wanted you to get it :(

  5. Really love seeing two theme park communities coming together and supporting each other and the world as we go through these irl events, may have to donate a little bit of money ❤️
  6. Wooo, I'm a GR Admin now with my fellow awesome scottish pal @Rosscoe we come in peace and can't wait to do amazing things for y'all ! (OFC THE GR ICONS @SmallestCube and @TheCraftyBatman gotta be pinged too)

    1. Daisy


      Congrats broski

    2. Rosscoe




    3. SmallestCube
  7. This has aged well 😛
  8. Hi YNG! First time on the forums in 2020! 😁

  9. Hello whoever reads this! You may know me by YNG and I just became a GR Trainee today! I can't wait to give this my all and go along this journey with you guys! you will normally see me around the parks such as MK and DHS (both my favorite parks, NewAK might take DHS's place lol). Some of my hobbies are Surfing, Playing Video Games of course lol and hanging out with my friends at the mall or anywhere that has recreational activity. If you ever need anything or have any questions/concerns don't be afraid to message me on Discord! I am open to talk to anyone if you're ever having a bad day or if you're ever feeling down my dm's are always open. Have a magical day ❤️ cya around!
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