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  1. Ulyk

    Palace Forcast

    I approve, great scene. Definitely should make more!
  2. /ban colefb9 HAS A BLack Profile PIcture, I'm triggered.
  3. /ban colefb9 posting more than once on the thread because of boredom.
  4. Congrats @Ulyk on trainee! I'm so proud of you!:D

  5. Ulyk

    Tower of Terror!

    I love Tower of Terror and the Twilight Zone series!! So glad I can enjoy that on my favorite server.
  6. Ulyk

    More realistic Disney

    I agree that some of your ideas are great and likely are great ideas however I strongly, and I mean very strongly disagree with the comment about NPC players. The whole reason people mildly don't enjoy Disney World and Disney Land is because of the wait for rides, why would we want to carry that over on to this server? It only makes players want to play less, and there is about zero point of waiting in Mine Craft unless there is something special happening or not ordinary. The idea about more special items is alright but the problem is, if the server adds too many 'special' items the items lose their novelty, and users no longer get Hyped or excited for new things. The thing about changing the big show to Saturday is not very fair to people who might have daily things they have to do on Saturday like work or attend something, if we had 'big' shows only on those dates it would make zero sense. And the comment lastly about the shows and the progress of such shows is agreeable, but you have to understand how hard Palace works. New shows are always ideal but not always first priority because of bigger things like new parks and bigger events. Shows take a lot of organizing in themselves, so asking that of Palace is not necessarily fair as they already work extremely hard to put new things out on the server. Thank you so much for making these requests! I think that when people write these the server can have a chance to improve itself, and it's great in itself that you took the time to write this, thanks!
  7. Ulyk

    Attraction Game?

    Nemo and Friends SeaRider
  8. Ulyk

    Tab Number of players

    Love the idea!
  9. It seems like a lot of people like Halloween, I don't disagree.. 

  10. Ulyk


    Hey, really good ideas here. I do think myself that the resorts need some work however I would like to say myself that I would rather see really nice parks like New Mk and DLR being released as they mean more to the players and I know more to me. As of right now those things are Palace's top priority so I can understand the fact that they haven't gotten to the resorts in quite a while. I do agree mainly, but for reasons other than detail. I feel that the resorts server is about the least visited server on the server next to Typhoon Lagoon, it's just a fact. But I do also notice that there is a main issue and reason behind why these servers are very unvisited.. The reason behind that would be that they are indeed not very interactive! For example, typhoon lagoon is not shown much attention because there is not enough things there that will occupy the guests time. So, they explore what they can and they leave 10 or 20 minutes later. I would really like to see something like tubes in the water or beach balls being added to the park. This may even include more interactive shops and a more interactive beach, granted this would take time and coding. I view mostly the same thing with the resorts, they are well built in some parts but many parts of the resorts aren't very interacted with because they don't offer anything like a ride does in a park. I wish there was a certain way to personalize a hotel room and make the room your own, this would really add some creativity and great opportunities for the resort server! For example, what if there was a way that someone could do certain personalized things like add a plant to their room, or even interact with their balconies and rooms in a way that wouldn't change the experience of the hotel room. At the end of their hotel room renting out their decorations that they put up or things that they interacted with are reset and left open for another guest to enjoy the experience. Another cool thing would be to use things like beach balls in the pools at resorts, it could add sense of realism for guests like they were actually hanging out at a Disney hotel. These are just ideas but we should still understand that there are higher priorities before Palace moves on to these areas of their server. The development team works very hard with their work and we should likely respect that.. I still do believe you addressed something that probably needed to be.
  11. Ulyk

    Disney Broadway <.<

    I've seen Lion King once when I was about 5 or 6. I loved it!
  12. Ulyk

    Disney Character Name Game!

    Iago (Alladin)
  13. Ulyk


    I really hope that the current MK will remain after the change, I won't really enjoy seeing it go. However, I'm super excited for the New Mk!

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