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  1. JavaLikesAgua

    Palace Forecast - September 5th, 2018

    I am very happy the Palace Forecast is back. Great job!
  2. As of September 2, 2018, at 7:29PM EST, "it's a small world" does not give me the following after completing one complete ride-through: +1 ride counter Any value of honor
  3. Hello Palace! Welcome to the new & improved Palace Network Information sheet! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What's in here? Rides & attractions with their park, warp, land, length, money, and honor Shops with what they sell, their warp, and their land Dining locations with their warp, land, available food Resorts with their warp and cost How do I navigate it? Have it open in your browser Click the "+" (zoom) button 5 times for optimal reading (4 is alright too) Press "CTRL" and "F" at the same time Type in what you're looking for Let's say you're looking for information on the contemporary - just search "contemporary" or something similar Press "Enter" The viewer should bring you right to that keyword's location and highlight it for you You can then easily read information about what you searched without scrolling/searching! Can I download it? Yep! Once you've opened it from this forum post, simply click the "Download" button in the upper right-hand corner of your window It looks like a down-pointing arrow with a straight line directly beneath it I found a mistake! Please contact me about any mistakes. I am very glad when I am notified of mistakes - that way everyone has the correct information! You can contact me with a private message on the forums, or a private message through the Palace Network Discord server You can find me by just searching "JavaLikesAgua" and I should come up if you're in the Discord server along with me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Where to get it The following is a shareable link from Google Drive*. Upon clicking the link, it should bring you to the information sheet in your browser. Here, you can view everything and download it. I hope this is very helpful to all players and staff in helping make your time on Palace Network extra magical! Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JIncZpIzAmXrVhfhnBEFQX5nBiuBRNd2 *This link was approved by Palace Network staff and is 100% safe.
  4. JavaLikesAgua

    Name Pinging in Chat

    As most of you probably know, if you say someone's name in chat, on that user's end, they will receive a ping sound to notify them they're being talked to. However, when you add a comma next to that person's name, they aren't pinged. For example, if someone says "JavaLikesAgua, hi!", I will receive no ping sound (or see "*") and will rely solely on silently reading chat when my name is mentioned. If someone says, "JavaLikesAgua hi!", I get a ping. Many of us talk with the comma directly after the name. My idea is to change it so the comma is discounted in reading whether or not to send a ping to the person on their end (however it works). This way, guests will more easily see answers sent to them. Just something that could be added.
  5. JavaLikesAgua

    Monorail Scenery

    My idea is to add the real monorail scenery (to MK, resorts, Epcot, parking lots with cars?, etc.) along the monorail tracks. Since your render distance can only see so far on servers, my idea is that the scenery is only built out to the cut-off point.
  6. JavaLikesAgua

    Star Tours Audio/Motion Bug

    Recently rose Star Tours again and encountered the following bugs: 1) Ride moved very slow 2) Audio got off sync (still in warp drive to the second mission area when the ride audio is complete) I also was kicked off the ride here:
  7. JavaLikesAgua


    Very exciting!
  8. JavaLikesAgua

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is in Previews!

    It looks amazing. Great work!
  9. My favorite hotel is Loews Portofino Bay. What's yours?
  10. JavaLikesAgua

    Summer Seasonal Information Sheet

    This will be updated upon further changes to Summer Seasonal!
  11. Happy Summer Seasonal, everyone! As most of you know, Summer Seasonal has opened on Palace. While this means new attractions and new scenery, it also means a brand new park that you may not know so much about! Below is a brief information sheet for those of you that aren't sure of what things to do at the Summer Seasonal, or just for general info. This is information was obtained on opening day - Sunday, July 29, 2018. When changes are made, it will be updated. Enjoy and have fun!
  12. Hello Palace! The last spreadsheet of this information had some inaccuracies, so I decided to revise it. Here it is! Thanks & enjoy. (P.S. if you catch any errors or inconsistencies, let me know)
  13. Hello Palace! I decided to take the time to make a sheet that contains every attraction on Palace Network, its length, money earned, honor earned, and some other useful information such as the shows and hotels. Hopefully this serves as a great help to many of those who are new, who are current players, and also who are part of Palace's wonderful staff. Enjoy!

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