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  1. As I return from my road trip I'm finally back, And as Pride Month comes to an end I would like to thank all the staffs who have worked hard on making this years Pride Month awesome! I'm looking to next years Pride Month here on Palace Network! :D 

    Pride  Collage.jpg

  2. Offline for a week off on a road trip See you guys Soon! :D 

    1. cjh66


      Hope you enjoy it :D

  3. From Paladin, to Sr. Mod to Finally an Admin! Congrats @ScanWorks on becoming an Admin your an amazing and hardworking person on Palace. This collage i made you shows the many memories I made with you from you being a Paladin or Sr. Mod to now an Admin. Congrats Once again I hope to make more memories with you and Palace in the future! Continue working hard! -WilliamVsGaming


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    2. JustPlatinum


      Well deserved, nice you made this collage! 

    3. MaelieMoo10



    4. ScanWorks


      @WilliamVsGaming, @SurvivalSam, @JustPlatinum, @MaelieMoo10@SweetDoleWhip_, and @cjh66,

      Sorry that this is late, but that you! I love that collage also! It's wonderful!

  4. After days of studying and doing finals at school it's all over! I'm back! :D 

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    2. JustinsWorld4U


      @cjh66 How did you know xD!?

      I love my stitch gifs. 

      Image result for Stitch happy gif

    3. cjh66


      bc you use them all the time  :3

    4. JustinsWorld4U
  5. With Finals just around the corner, time for me to focus on studying for Finals, See you guys Soon! :D 

  6. WilliamVsGaming

    Palace Forecast - June 5th, 2018

    Awesome Job on the newsletter!
  7. Happy Pride Month to everyone! :D 

  8. Thank you to @MagicA550 and to other staffs for helping making this A Day At Disney Event an excellent event. I had an amazing time :D 

    1. PrinceRisk


      IKR, this has been the best event here on palace.

    2. MagicA550


      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Happy Birthday to @BunnyMari and @ekam Hope you guys have an awesome day! :D 

    1. PrinceRisk


      Two people having the same bday thats amazing. I also have people that have the same bday as me too.

  10. Hope Everyone had a great and excellent weekend! :D 

  11. Happy Friday Everyone! :D And congrats to the new trainees! 

    1. PrinceRisk


      Happy friday @WilliamVsGaming, and congrads on easter egg hunt.


    2. WilliamVsGaming
  12. Hope and everyone enjoyed the Marvel Takeover and the weekend See you guys at the next event! :D 

  13. WilliamVsGaming

    Palace Community Meeting


    Sounds Awesome Hope to See Everyone there!
  14. Happy Friday to my fellow friends! Hope everyone has a great and awesome weekend! :D 

  15. Hey there Moon! Welcome to the Palace Forum! You'll enjoy it a lot! :D Love your profile banner! :x


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