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  1. And Im back from my break! 

  2. MaelieMoo10

    My favorite Universal Movie

    Banana . . .. {I like all the Minion Movies}
  3. MaelieMoo10

    Hidden Mickeys

    This might have been talked about before or already on server but if not . . . Can you add the Hidden Mickeys
  4. MaelieMoo10

    Palace Forecast - September 5th, 2018

    Most excited for Halloween Horror Nights I missed out last time :[
  5. I'm gonna make a background wallpaper!

    Whoever comments on this may get a chance of being in it :D 

    Here's the design...

    {Also the first player to comment02728298.thumb.png.408cac7040a9913e367282c78fbe62f1.png go's in front with me}


  6. MaelieMoo10

    Cant Join Server

    Thanks a lot I can join now
  7. MaelieMoo10

    Cant Join Server

    Thanks @ScanWorks
  8. MaelieMoo10

    Cant Join Server

    I guess if I cant join server I cant go on there for a while :[
  9. MaelieMoo10

    Cant Join Server

    So I was in hub 1 and it glitched me and I Disconnected so I tried to log back in but it said something like this . . . Unable to join Hub 1: You are denied from this server
  10. MaelieMoo10


    I missed it too... but I managed to see it irl when on holiday!
  11. MaelieMoo10

    What Hogwarts House are you in?

    Not complaining there were lots of hufflepuffs
  12. And I'm finally back from Florida 11 hour trip ...

    Anyways can anyone guess what my favorite show was?

    Heres a clue :D 


  13. Im going to Florida tomorrow Im gonna miss you all!


  14. This will be the last daily pug for the last couple of weeks 


    1. cjh66
    2. CoconutMocha


      I'm loving this segment already aha! (:

  15. I hope you like another picture :D of me and my friend



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