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  1. Snowypaw

    Disney Character Name Game!

  2. Snowypaw

    Disney Character Name Game!

  3. Ah yes, a pleasure to meet you. I don't believe we've spoken before?
  4. 'Lo there! For those who aren't familiar with who I am, I'm Snowypaw; a dedicated server player who has been a member of Palace Network since the early McMagic days. I'm mostly known for my immense love for detailing and interior design (both as a canon hobby, and inside of Minecraft!). This has lead some players (mainly close friends of mine, as a joke) to nickname me 'Her Majesty, Queen Snowypaw of Interior Design and Detailing Affairs' - or 'Queen of Interiors' for short. Seeing as you now know my name, you must address me with my proper title... Kidding! I'm not kidding. Apart from building, I also have other hobbies/interests such as: ▪ Drawing (mainly cityscapes - nothing too fancy) ▪ Photography (a useful outlet for my creativity!) ▪ Sports (swimming, track & field, volleyball) Though I had to keep this introduction short and sweet, please feel free to ask questions down below or strike up a conversation when you see me lollygagging around the server.
  5. Snowypaw

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban ChickenGirl19 Fowl play

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