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  1. Snowypaw

    Disney Character Name Game!

  2. Snowypaw

    Disney Character Name Game!

  3. Snowypaw

    Little Amsterdam

    No problem, @Chrisboy04! If you need a little bit of extra help with the roofs and small details - don't be afraid to ask me. I can't wait to see another update on your project soon
  4. Snowypaw

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban ChickenGirl19 Fowl play
  5. Snowypaw

    Little Amsterdam

    Though I'm a wee bit late to the conversation, I must add that you portrayed the signature dams of many Dutch cities extremely well-- I'm impressed! However, I do have two small pieces of feedback for you (though I'm quite sure you were aware of it). Of course, I understand that you probably aren't making the Little Amsterdam a 1;1 scale of the real city, but for the sake of adding more authentic charm to your build, I suggest you change a few minor things for future buildings. If we look at some examples of typical streets, you can see that the buildings lining the canals are extremely narrow and almost "collide" into each other from the lack of space between them. I noticed with your first building (the larger one) is... well... Larger than the average "townhouse" model houses Amsterdam has. However, this is such a minor detailing "error" that you could leave your buildings at different, bigger size - or even just divide it into about three smaller buildings. Whatever you prefer! ex. Secondly, as we can see in the examples provided above, Amsterdam has a unique roofing style and even though your roofs are a bit flat now, you could simply integrate the detailed shapes on top later as a detail. This is just another small thing that you absolutely don't necessarily have to worry about. < Minecraft reference that you can look at if you'd like Nice progress on this! Keep building.

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