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  1. Aloha and good morning everyone - Happy 10th of December. 

    I can't believe there are only 15 days left until Christmas! I have so much wrapping to do - I better get a move on it. 🌺

    Thank you all for most likes on December 9th - I really appreciate it! :ba:

  2. Aloha everyone - happy Monday the 9th of December! ☃️

    Just like that, the weekend - and the first two dates of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party are over! It was amazing to see everyone come out for some festive fun for us, and I can't wait for the third and final party on the 22nd! 🎄

    Hope you all have a wonderful day! 🎅

  3. December 7th and December 8th! 🎄 [@brino, @creatorforparks, @Magicstic, @keyoni, @PanicAtTheJedi, @princess_howler, @willingwings81, @YNGx, @Aqua_Tem, @RossDuffy, @ScanWorks, @EnzoGoober, @WendysTendies, @xRando7, @mermaidcat, @oxyymoronn]
  4. Aloha pals! Feel free to post any pictures of this years Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party below! We'd love to see all the festive fun. 🎄
  5. Good morning everyone - Happy December 6th! I'm taking today as my last working day as I have to submit my end of semester work tonight, and then it's Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party time! Cannot believe how time has flown by! 🎄

  6. Aloha! I've heard that whilst the food isn't spectacular - the experience is worth it for little kids! I don't recall doing a character dining as a child but I am sure it would be heaps of fun to see Mickey whilst you're eating eggs! I'm planning on going to Crystal Palace on my next trip which is a character dining with Winnie the Pooh and friends - so i'm hoping that will be worth it! Pink~
  7. Good morning friends! Happy December 5th - only 20 days until Christmas wowie!

    Here is your daily reminder that Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is only 2 days away woo! Catch all the festive fun from 1:00PM - 4:00PM EST this Saturday & Sunday. 🎄

  8. I would like new converse (preferably pink) - Rating; maybe a 7? Will look great in Disney World instagrams but may hurt toes. Hm.
  9. You can fly, you can fly, you can fly! Peter Pan's Flight is now open in Magic Kingdom - and no! the wait time isn't 115 minutes! Ah now that is some pixie dust.

  10. Happy December 4th friends! I watched Let It Snow last night and man it was cute! Books are sadly always better than the movies though. Hoping to watch another festive movie tonight - if you have any suggestions - please leave them below! :ba:

  11. About to watch Let It Snow on Netflix! I finished the book a couple of weeks ago but haven't seen the movie yet - super excited! 🎄

    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Oh have a great time watching the movie!❄☺❤

  12. The time is fast approaching - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is almost here! I posted some times and information in 'Announcements & News' so feel free to go check it out. Also look at our discord and twitter for more information coming soon! :ba:

  13. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is coming to the Magic Kingdom Park. Join us for tons of festive fun including holiday treats, festive ride overlays and character meet and greets. Finish off the night with the brand new Frozen Holiday Wish spectacular at the castle! You won’t want to miss it! Come along on any of the following dates: Saturday, the 7th of December Sunday, the 8th of December Sunday the 27th of December Each event night will last from 1:00PM to 4:00PM EST. Attendees will also receive a tiny new award on our forums, so make sure you come along to one of our select nights!
  14. Spent the day decorating my Christmas tree - now feeling 100% more festive. :ba:

    (also yes I do have a little pink tree too!)

    1. AphGabemikuMc1


      Wow amazing and beautiful @creatorforpinks💖🎄😄

      Hope u have a great time decorating your Christmas tree its fun activity to do I like it🙂

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