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  1. Meeting Jack and Sally at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! 

    jack and sally.png

  2. Thank you @MagicA550 and the staff team members for hosting a special HalloWishes! I've never seen the show in real life but I thoroughly enjoyed it online!



    1. MaelieMoo10


      Nice Screenshots Don't mind If I save them :D 

    2. WilliamVsGaming


      Amazing screenshots there @Pink_RoseBud

  3. I've put the days for the Halloween Party in my calendar and freed up some time so I can hopefully attend both! Really excited to see what the Palace does for halloween!

  4. Pink_RoseBud

    Ban the Person Above You

    /ban thepartyboy376 it's a school night NO parties 4 u
  5. Happy Birthday! It's actually my birthday too so we're birthday twins woo! Hope you have an amazing day filled with cake!! :x

    1. MagicA550


      Thank you! Happy Late Birthday to you too!

  6. It's my birthday!! :x

  7. Pink_RoseBud

    Week 2

    I'm so glad I was one of two who managed to complete it! I had it printed and highlighted I was that committed Cannot wait to get started on this weeks! Pink~
  8. Pink_RoseBud

    Word association

  9. Pink_RoseBud

    Disney Character Name Game!

  10. Pink_RoseBud

    Word association


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