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  1. Remember... #Don'tSpoilEndgame !

  2. Got to ride Kali River Rapids with Pocahontas too! It's great fun meeting characters and getting to have unique experiences with them - just around the riverbend! :rose:


    1. TheDisneyGeek4U
    2. PorkyPenguin


      I missed Pocahontas :ak: I already have her auto... so...

  3. Wingapo Pocahontas! :rose:


  4. Thanks for 250 rep everyone! :rose:

    1. Aquaticalo


      Thank you for being a active part of the palace community!

    2. Pink_RoseBud


      Awh that's so sweet to say, thank you @Aquaticalo ! :ba:

  5. Super excited to finally see Fantasmic on the server! Can't wait for the weekend now!

    1. Batman4Life33


      Wahoo! And rumor has it you'll earn an achievement too. :wink:

    2. Pink_RoseBud


      @Batman4Life33 who doesn't :ba: an achievement!!

  6. Although not technically Earth Day ... everyday is Earth Day! :hy:

    Plastic pollution is a seriously damaging thing, and it is out job as humans to solve this. Over 51 trillion microplastic particles are polluting our oceans and harming sea life! 

    Here's how you can reduce your plastic usage:

    1. Reusable cutlery, cups, bags and straws. Avoid one-time plastic use and get yourself some reusable materials!
    2. Use face/body products that don't contain microbeads - these can be harmful on you and the environment.
    3. Get a water bottle - re-fill your water bottle daily rather than buying bottled water. Buy a glass bottle or a hydro flask!

    And there you have it .. some helpful ways to save our planet! :rose:

  7. Wishing all the retiring staff the best of luck in the future :ba:

  8. Happy Earth Day everyone! :hy:

    1. Mavly
    2. SuperPotatqx


      Mav, stop being lazy on earth day. You gotta pick up some trash!

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