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  1. Aloha! I think the concept art for this re-theme looks absolutely gorgeous, and I 100% support the change! Whilst i'm not the biggest fan of frogs (o-o), i'm excited to see Tiana and het story get some more representation in the theme parks. I recognise Splash Mountain and it's theme of the Brer characters is very popular amongst long time Disney fans - I think this new re-theme will be a memory for future Disney fans to come.
  2. Think you have what it takes to win our Creative Dropper challenges? Join us tomorrow at 3pm EST for Dropper courses themed after your favorite Disney & Universal Studios characters! Hosted by: The Creative team - Pepii and Shapliersole!
  3. Thank you all so much for coming out to the Red, White and Barbecue event today! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did hosting the event - as I really quite enjoyed myself. Shoutout to @creatorforparks for helping build and organise the event - and a special thank you to all the staff members for helping out too! Happy a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone! ❤️ 🇺🇸



    1. baifelicia


      WOOOO! it looked amazing, and i'm sure it went so well 🥺

    2. SweetHoneyTea_


      Thank you so much for hosting it! Although I am not American it was a very fun event to go to! You did an amazing job ❤️

  4. Good morning everyone! 🌺

    Happy 4th of July, and happy event day! Today at 2:00PM EST, i'll be hosting 'Red, White and Barbecue' which is a summer camp themed event with lots of quintessential American themed activities! Hope to see a lot of you there later today ❤️

    RSVP here: 


    1. MaelieMoo


      Woo! I will try my best to come!! 😄

    2. DecentDorito


      Can't wait!! ❤️

    3. baifelicia


      woooo! i'm already still hungry after it :D 

  5. Congratulations to @YesItsEpic on his promotion to USO and HHN Coordinator! Really well deserved this position and I am excited to see HHN on our server this year! 👻

  6. Aloha friends! This game is very simple and practically endless. There will be a new color topic updated every month, and you have to reply and name as many Disney characters that are/wear that color! Rules: Stick to 1 character per post every 24 hours. Try not to name the same character as someone else - let's see how many we can get! Our new color is Pink: Piglet!
  7. Happy Friday!

    Frozen 2 and Hamilton released on Disney+! Whilst I of course have Frozen 2 - I am super excited to re-watch even more. Hamilton i'll give a shot too!

    Hope you're all excited for the weekend, and I hope to see some of you at the Red, White and Barbecue event tomorrow!

    1. baifelicia


      WOO! i can't wait for your event :D 

  8. Celebrate the fourth of July with us this weekend at Red, White and Barbecue! Join us for a day at summer camp - relax by the lake, engage in camp activities and indulge in some American cuisine. Make sure to come dressed in your best red, white and blue outfits and we can't wait to see you there! Join us at 2:00PM EST for all of the star spangled excitement! RSVP here too:
  9. Get your star spangled banners ready to celebrate the fourth of July with us! Red, White and Barbecue will take place on July 4th at 2:00PM EST! Come along and spend time at summer camp with us! Find out more information here: Hosted by: pinkiness
  10. Happy Monday! (boo) 

    I have officially finished school for the year and submitted all my work due today, so it is officially summer for me! 💖

    Can't wait to spend my summer time on Palace with you all! 🌻

    1. davidzoo


      Happy Summer! 

    2. baifelicia


      wooo! congrats on finishing school, you're free to spend more time with us :D 💖

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