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  1. Aloha friends! This game is very simple and practically endless. There will be a new color topic updated every month, and you have to reply and name as many Disney characters that are/wear that color! Rules: Stick to 1 character per post every 24 hours. Try not to name the same character as someone else - let's see how many we can get! Our new color is purple: Megra
  2. Had a great time at the Aloha Summer event today hosted by @Disneyfan. Hope you all had fun kicking off the start of summer with us! creator.thumb.png.b945cbbc29332cbb62263b93b8a02802.png




  3. Aloha pals! Hope you all had fun finding Mickey - he was hanging out in Animal Kingdom chilling with a view of the tree of life! Some of you keen eyed pals noticed the GIANT tree in the background - nice job! For now - due to the multiple instances of WDW, i'll be putting this game on pause as it's a little difficult to upkeep - but thank you all for your participation! See ya real soon Mickey!
  4. Hey there! Congratulations to all the people who found all 8 differences! With our lucky randomizer here are our 3 winners! 1st Place: @krisyyng 2nd Place: @rainbowpup028 3rd Place: @EthanPotatoo Here are the answers for anyone who was stumped: Thank you all for the support on our little game - expect a new one this week!
  5. Good morning all and happy Sunday! Hope to see a lot of you at the Aloha, Summer! event later today - hosted by our wonderful Disneyfan!


  6. I forgot to post oopsies... but congratulations to our Class of 2020 graduates! Thank you to creatorforparks and BGannon for putting together this event! 


  7. Thank you all for joining Captain Li Shang on a wonderful training experience today! AND we got to chill out with Wishes and churros too! What a day!




  8. Back again this year, runPalace: Pride will put your racing skills to the test! Compete in a decorated map of one of our parks for a prize and the honour of competing. Then join us in the finish line party! Hosted by: pinkiness Read all information about our upcoming pride month here:
  9. pinkiness

    Pride Parkour

    Get your gaming skills ready: this parkour map is sure to test all of your skills. Do you have what it takes? Hosted by: Disneyfan Read all information about our upcoming pride month here:
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