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  1. New update!! It looks amazing! Hope everyone is enjoying it! <33

    1. StarryNight


      I haven't seen it yet, about too and every excited! 

    2. Potofantom


      The update is incredible! The Hub and everything just blows me away, and makes me SO psyched for the future of the server!

  2. Hi friends! It's been a while! How has everyone been doing? I hope good! Anything interesting or exciting happened recently? I know for me I am practicing for my school musical: High School Musical so that's been super fun and really exciting! Your question of the day today (after a long hiatus) is: What is your dream job? It can be something your doing now, or wish for. Hope y'all are well! <33

    1. StarryNight


      My dream job is an interior designer, even though I cannot interior design like real life in minecraft! XD

  3. Morning everyone! How are you all this week? I hope good! My week has pretty much consisted of school, watching shows and reading haha! What have you all been doing for fun recently? I can't wait for the new exiting stuff that is going to happen this year on Palace! It's going to be so good! Another exciting thing is that my 2 years on Palace is almost here as well! Even though I re-joined in June that's still really exciting!! Your question of the day today is when/if you were/are in school what clubs/sports did you do? In my experience I have been in GSA, E-Sports, Drama and Pride Club! Awesome clubs! I hope you all have an amazing day! <33

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    2. baifelicia


      oo! I have personally been in GSA, BSA, Venturing, Water Polo and Swim!

    3. SweetHoneyTea_


      I hope you had a great day Hux!! Sadly I was too shy to be in any clubs, but I think once I was in the choir back in Middle School? It didn't last long though I have to say! 😂 But for clubs outside of school, I used to be in around two or three and it was always so much fun! I have been doing great, I hope you are well, this week I have been catching up on my art for class, and playing even more Stardew Valley haha! I got myself Disney+ so I will for sure spend the majority of my time on there again! Have a lovely weekend! ❤️ 

    4. LegenDanii


      Hope you had a wonderful thursday Hux! I've been on the tennis team at my school and I also did DECA too! 

  4. Hello Everyone! If you don't know who I am, my name is Huxleigh! Hux for short! Here are a few fun things about me! I've gotten a few questions on how to pronounce my username so here is a quick pronunciation! Hux-lee! Ironically enough I am not a huge fan of Disney! I haven't seen very many movies and only went to Disney when I was 6. But this server had such kind people and I loved the charm of the server! And I've loved learning more and more about Disney because of this server! My favorite color is: Blue! I'm a part of the Media Team here on the Palace Network! It
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