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  1. congratulations orange team for winning the build-off! well done, all :) 

  2. best of luck to everyone participating in today's build off! may the best team win :D 

  3. Bow

    Adventure Studios

    Hi all! Thought I'd share my newest theme park, Adventure Studios! It's based off of Universal Studios Florida and contains five lands. Attached are some pictures of the work-in-progress park. Hopefully this can give all of you aspiring builders out there some inspiration as to what do to with your builds! ~Bow
  4. Bow

    Favorite Disney Ride Music?

    my definite favorite is the soundtrack to carousel of progress! it's so catchy and inspirational
  5. congrats yellow team! gg to everyone who participated :D 

    1. nauticalz


      Congratulations to all the teams, you all did amazing! It was great to get to meet new people. salsa forever

  6. @Daloria support group @ the build battle!


    1. JasperTheSpirit


      that's awesome 

  7. firework, mostly cause the rainbow scenery.
  8. how is it sunday already. i cri everytim

    1. nauticalz


      mood I'm swell!

  9. they mean at disneyland, not magic kingdom
  10. Bow

    My first render

    nice! i could never be able to figure out how to do that, lol.
  11. Bow

    Universal City Walk

    agreed, voodoo doughnuts hands down. i can't express how GOOOD it is!
  12. Bow

    Suggestion- Creative

    i agree! this idea has been thrown around a few times on the server and the old forums, and i think it would be a nice idea for those who own multiple plots! however, i think this should be some sort of purchasable upgrade to show creator, to not make it a "two for the price of one" type deal and also to make it fair to those planning to buy if/after this gets released, as it would give those who bought it previously an unfair advantage.

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