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  1. Made this for a wallpaper, and for Palace to possibly use for the exit of Space Mountain.
  2. Hi! Just checking in - wondered if you'd thought any more about the Space Mountain painting :P

    I don't wanna bug you, just remind you

  3. Just wanted to let you know that the link you warned me for posting was requested by [Builder] Antvenom(some number combination). I wasn't aware that I had to get permission from an Admin or Higher, just wanted to be clear that we had talked ahead of time and he told me to post it on his profile. I also don't have Discord, or obviously I would've posted it on there. Sorry for the trouble.


    1. pinkiness


      Sent you a DM, thanks 91J! 

  4. Hi - my ign is ProgressCity


    I heard you might have a say when Apps were put up/removed, and I wondered if you had a date on when guide apps would be back open? I learned about them barely too late, and I'm gonna forget again if someone doesn't give me an estimate for when they'll reopen :P


    My friend, EM_3, also barely missed them - my app might not be accepted, but I've been trying to apply on the forums for a while now, and finally something pops up that doesn't require Discord! (My internet provider blocks Discord.)


    Do you think they might be reopened in the next few weeks, or could I submit and app via PM to you? Or will I have to wait?




    Edit: sorry if I'm not supposed to write this on your page, couldn't figure out how to PM you.

    1. BobRosscoe


      Sorry! I just seen this! They won't be opening for a while as I currently have 25 superb guides! So the answer is ultimately No Set Date. 

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