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  1. TheWebCon

    Creative Broadcast System

    Thanks @ScanWorks! Hopefully it gets implemented, as that would make Creative builders very happy and it would make development easier for people with theme parks or shows!
  2. FUSE Entertainment Applications Have you ever wanted to join the team that makes TomorrowVerse? Well, you're in luck! Applications are open! TomorrowVerse is owned, built and operated by FUSE Entertainment. Ya know, the same people who made other theme parks such as Fantasy Valley, Disney's Creative Studios, and EPCOT Center! By joining our team, you'll be able to help expand TomorrowVerse and all of those other parks as well! If you'd like to join our team, please visit the link below. Be as honest as possible. Note- applying does not guarantee you a position at FUSE Entertainment. https://goo.gl/forms/i8wmWBJbW7sSTv9f1 Thank you! Have a wonderful day. Please do not bother TheWebCon or other FUSE Staff about the status of your application.
  3. TheWebCon

    Park Closed

    TomorrowVerse Theme Park closes on Sunday every weekend for routine maintenance and updates. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
  4. TOMORROWVERSE THEME PARK RULES By entering the park, you agree to these rules. Failure to follow may result in a deny. To maintain a safe and enjoyable park wide experience, please follow these simple rules- NO FLYING. Do not enter closed/staff locations. Do not press W on any ride. If you think you are stuck, notify @TheWebCon or any other staff member on the server. Follow all staff instruction, even if they are being harsh. If you have complaints about a certain staff member or guest, notifty @TheWebCon. Stay seated on all rides. No weapons or banned items. Shulker boxes are prohibited (due to recent happenings). Do not walk on ceilings or roofs of attractions. No parkouring. Do not try to walk through the landscaping features, especially the birch trees at the back of the park. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding of these rules and hope they provide you with a more safe and enjoyable experience! *Note- Rules may be changed at any time. When rules are changed, the guests in the Club will be notified.
  5. TheWebCon

    Creative Broadcast System

    @cjh66 While it could be, it would only be over the plot that the broadcaster owns. If someone feels they're being spammed, they can warp back to their plot. Good concern though, that could be an issue. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  6. TRON Lightcycle Power Run opens at 3:00 PM EST on January 4th, 2019.
  7. TheWebCon

    Creative Server Suggestions

    I agree with @MattVanderwaal about the music loop options. Personally, I'd love to see something along the lines of the Tomorrowland Music Loop (WDW) and maybe even the Innoventions Music Loop. I also made a thread about the announce system in Feedback and Suggestions, so check it out for a little explanation of how the system (could) work.
  8. So, hear me out- what if you could add a new command called /broadcast or something similar to it, where once said, it would broadcast a message (similar to the way Show Creator handles text) to all guests on your plot only. So, for example... /broadcast say The show will start in 5 minutes. Thank you! Output example: [Broadcast] The show will start in 5 minutes. Thank you! You could even add color codes features as well, like... /broadcast say &lAttention Guests: &4&oDuring the show, the lighting around the park will be reduced. For the safety of others, please remain in one location for the duration of the show, and take caution while walking. Thank you! Output Example: [Broadcast] Attention Guests: During the show, the lighting around the park will be reduced. For the safety of others, please remain in one location for the duration of the show, and take caution while walking. Thank you! Or, maybe even go with the option to change the Broadcast tag to your own thing- /broadcast tag &lTVRS Output example: [TVRS] Anyway, that's just a little example of how to get a new type of communication around the server! I'm pretty sure park builders and show makers would love it, as it would be a quick and efficent way to communicate information in a bold way. Anyway, that's my idea, hope ya like it- let me know what you think and how you would change it in the future!
  9. TRON at TomorrowVerse opens at 2:00 PM EST today.

    Be there, if you like TRON.

    Or don't.

    I don't really care.


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