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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. PikaGirl7

    Coaster World

    This is my Park called Coaster World i put a couple of screenshots but you can explore at your own pace if you teleport when im online theres 13 screenshots and yes i counted
  2. PikaGirl7

    Splatoon Week at

    Come to the Coaster Parks for this week only meet Agent 3 and we have a special announcement for PSC! Starting on March 1st 2019 Splatoon Mission Octo will be opening a fully interactive experience made by PSC staff apart of the coaster parks association Dont Miss your chance to come before this Splatoon Week swims away March 30th! Splatoon mission octo will be at the Scanworks hall of discovery till 6/7/2019 book tickets now (sorry it’s so long) To be able to come to the coaster parks (for now) just do /tpa PikaGirl7
  3. So, hear me out- what if you could add a new command called /broadcast or something similar to it, where once said, it would broadcast a message (similar to the way Show Creator handles text) to all guests on your plot only. So, for example... /broadcast say The show will start in 5 minutes. Thank you! Output example: [Broadcast] The show will start in 5 minutes. Thank you! You could even add color codes features as well, like... /broadcast say &lAttention Guests: &4&oDuring the show, the lighting around the park will be reduced. For the safety of others, please remain in one location for the duration of the show, and take caution while walking. Thank you! Output Example: [Broadcast] Attention Guests: During the show, the lighting around the park will be reduced. For the safety of others, please remain in one location for the duration of the show, and take caution while walking. Thank you! Or, maybe even go with the option to change the Broadcast tag to your own thing- /broadcast tag &lTVRS Output example: [TVRS] Anyway, that's just a little example of how to get a new type of communication around the server! I'm pretty sure park builders and show makers would love it, as it would be a quick and efficent way to communicate information in a bold way. Anyway, that's my idea, hope ya like it- let me know what you think and how you would change it in the future!
  4. I think it would be really nice if you could buy animal spawn eggs in the creative shop. One animal Spawn Egg could be sold for like $500 dollars. When you right click on the animal it would show a animal spawn egg and a dirt block. When you click on the spawn egg the animal would act like how it does normally if you push the block it will stand still. If you pick a hostile mob lets say a creeper it will not explode.
  5. Hi there! Some of you may wonder (as I did) how the plugin you're given access to on Creative (Show Creator) compares to the plugin the Show Developers are given access to. If you try to edit a show on Creative, you're given a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to edit a show with. This edits the file on the server and allows the show to be played when you start it. However, we use a IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to edit our files. Most work, but we tend to start on Notepad++ due to it's simplicity. You're also given limited functionality over on Creative and can only use basic features such as Fireworks, Text, Particles and audio. We program in this and many more including blocks, armour stands, fountains and other effects. Although you cannot use blocks on Creative, if you spawn a Large Ball firework on top of a pressure plate it allows you to trigger Redstone so you could turn lights on or off and use general Vanilla Minecraft Redstone to aid your show's presentation and feel. Tips for Show Creator: Use a program like Audacity and input your show's audio there (most can be found somewhere on the Internet). This gives you a lot of accuracy in your placement of text and effects! Try to avoid any time in the show where nothing is happening unless it is completely intentional. In a show with actors, try to ensure your cast are ready and prepared for the show. Maybe provide a script with stage directions. Announce your show beforehand and keep going even if only a few guests come along - it looks better if you keep going! Best of luck with your shows, and I hope to see some incredible creations soon! If you get stuck, ask a Staff Member or report it as a bug if you see fit.
  6. MattVanderwaal

    Creative Server Suggestions

    I have recently started to build again on the Palace Network Creative Server and I can't help but notice some things being a little off. I have also thought of some ideas that could improve the server. Here's my suggestions: Let's start with the Park Loop Music. This feature is amazing, but is also a disappointment in it's current state. As of right now, there are only five loops to choose from. I personally find some of the audio selections to be very unusual. Let's fix this by adding audio loops that we could realistically see playing in a Disney/Universal park! E.G. Magic Kingdom Entrance Loop, Disneyland Esplanade Loop, Universal Studios Entrance Loop, etc. What I find with Show Creator is that you can only time an effect by the second. This can be annoying when you are cueing effects to your selected music. What if we changed this so effects could be cued by the decisecond? Beacons would be cool but they don't exist on creative for all the right reasons. Finally, we all need a way to get a message across to everyone on your plot. Most people would say use a Role-play chat or Party chat. What about an announcer feature where you can type a message and it only sends to the people on your plot, without having to use Show Creator. These are just a few of my personal suggestions. Feel free to leave your thoughts!
  7. BSLG2802


    ATTENSION in just 5 minutes the lands will play our welcoming show but you will not get in park yet since it is not fully finished if you want to see show please just tpa to BSLG2802
  8. until
    Today We Will Be Hosting A Whole Party At The Location On The Side! We Hope To See You There! (Once Again RSVP's Will Get VIP Seating For Shows And A Tour After The Event Ends)
  9. ItzPolarBear


    Hello! Today At 12PM Eastern (Not Mid-Night ) We Will Be Showing A Special Showing Of Wishes, RSVP For VIP Seating, And We Hope To See You There! Currently As It Is Also December, We are also showing our version of Holiday Wishes! Stay Tuned On Our Club For More Information.
  10. I think it would be a good idea to make it so the disabled flight option on creative only disables flight for people who are not added on the plot. When running events on my plot, I want my friends to be able to fly when helping out and people who are participating can't fly.
  11. MattVanderwaal

    Creative Suggestion

    Hello, Another suggestion for creative has recently crossed my mind and honestly it’s terrifying that such a feature is yet to exist. In Show Creator, there should be a warning before you delete a show. Instead of immediately right clicking to delete it, another warning should show up such as: “Are you sure you want to delete this show?” Let me know what you all think.

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