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Found 2 results

  1. Hi-Ho everyone! Hope your weeks going swell! Here's a new game for you - Some of you probably know how to play this but I'll be explaining how it works right now! Firstly, someone starts our story off, One sentence per person per day. Everyone else follows up after it with a new sentence and creates a story! Staff along with Guests are welcome to join in, this is a group effort! I can't wait to see what you come up with! ~ Canis18 Rules: 1) Must be appropriate (Family friendly - server rules apply.) 2) One sentence per person every day. 3) There's no ending. If someone chooses to try to end it, just ignore it and continue the story forward. 4) Be creative & Have fun!
  2. So this game is basically an RPG. What you do is say what you're doing Example: *Throws a sack of frozen peas at @Brant* *Ducks behind the cereal boxes in the next aisle* Pretty simple But lots of fun! Rules are: 1) Do not get graphic (No blood etc.) 2) Keep it family friendly 3) There is no winner. 4) Have fun, there is no limit to how much you can post a day Here's the background to the story - or the beginning of the plot: You and some friends walk into a Walmart store and suddenly there are alarms set off. The doors behind you shut and lock themselves. Sheets of Metal fall down from the windows and doors to block them and making everything dark. The lights are flickering on and off. Other patrons in the store wander to the front to see what is happening. Everyone looks at each other, worried and looking around for a possible exit. None are found. Everything's quiet until one of your friends screams "RIOT". Everyone splits up into the various aisles leaving you alone. You grab the closest thing to you and run into the aisles of Walmart ready to fight. - The rest of the story is up to you! Have fun and may the odds of Walmart be ever in your favor!

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