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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Hi to everyone on the forums! It's been a while. I left MCMagic when it had the name change, thinking that the complete server had just got up and flew away, but after I found out that this was not the case this week, I decided that I will be playing on the server a lot more, and that a re-introduction is clearly needed! My name is Hazard, I was previously known as [DVC] HazardTheDutchAD (I still am in game but as a Dweller.) I made it Hazard for short. I have been playing Minecraft for a long time, since 2012 to be exact. And I had found this server in 2016-17. I played on this server for about 3 months, creating videos, having fun with friends, as well as making new ones. When the name had changed, I thought the server had changed along with it, and stopped playing. I decided at random to come on last night to check, to see if the server had any other changes, and to my amazement found something much better. That the server, (MCMagic), still lives on under the new name, and that it is still a fun and active community with all the maps and everything still there. I decided to stay for a while, watching motfo (March of the First Order), the Festival Of Fantasy parade, and Taste of Fantasmic, I realised just how magical the server is / was, and decided from that point on I wanted to give it another go. So now we get to the current situation. I'm here, and I am happy to be back! Currently I plan to start a series on the server featuring the theme park worlds as I travel around Walt Disney World and experience the rides, shows, sounds and more, in hopes to help the server gain it's popularity once again.Anyways, story over, lets get onto a little about me. The first thing that you will notice is that I like typing, and explaining in full detail on some things. I can't help it, it's something i do! The next thing you will notice is my avatar for the forums. My avatar is actually me, and I know that it's rather hard to explain, but in short, I am a furry, I have a fursuit and my avatar is me in my fursuit One of the things I haven't mentioned yet, is that I do a lot of volunteer work for multiple companies. Some big ones including Activision, Liverpool Airport, Discord, and Lifeboat Network (Minigames server). For Activision, I manage their official ambassador support. We aim to help players on their issues, and send them in the right direction to support on their questions. For Liverpool Airport, I am an ambassador. I help with guided tours of the airport, customer feedback surveys and more. For Discord, I am a member of the Events Team. If Discord ever hosts an official even in the United Kingdom, I'll be there to set it all up along with the employees! Finally, Lifeboat Network, I am an in-game moderator, Discord moderator, artist, builder and trainee mentor for the server. If you have any further questions you can shoot me a DM or reply to this topic. But for now, I think i have said enough
  2. Hello Everyone! Some might remember me as GoobyGrizzly In the Server! About Me: fav Disney ride: Space Mountain fav Food: Mac n Cheese (I’m unhealthy) fav Pixar movie: Inside Out fav HP character: Bellatrix Lestrange fav Disney Movie: Lilo And Stitch fav HP spell: Avada Kedavra Hogwarts House: Slytherin
  3. Heyo! My name is Nitro and I am a Noble (soon to be Honorable). I have previously creating an introduction but i'm creating another one because IT'S 2019 BOYS! Anyhoo, here is the tea. 1. My name is Nitro 2. My favourite show is Canis Cooks because logic 3. My inspiration is @limegreenicy 4. I am a Salsa King (Salsa Queen @Cassiopeiya) 5. My favourite park is Animal Kingdom 6. I was featured in the Donor Interview on the recent Palace Forecast 7. I am a penguin (Who knew) 8. I am a printer (Fight me @ScanWorks) 9. My favourite movie is Finding Nemo 10. My favourite character is Stitch 11. My favourite staff member is, of course, @limegreenicy 12. My childhood game was Club Penguin And that's about it. Thank you all for reading my introduction and I hope to see you all in the Parks.
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