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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Q: If you owned Disney what would you add to any of the Walt Disney World parks? A: I would add a ride where that would reach top speeds of 100 mph and would do many loops and it would be named McFast Tell me what you would add to the Disney parks below!
  2. I had an amazing time at the dance party today! How about you?
  3. So recently I have been watching "Rob Plays" (Yes I know they used to play on MCMagic), and one of his videos got me thinking of another suggestion that Palace could use to make the Disney magic more realistic. Disney offers a park tour for $99 which shows mainly behind the scenes and a lot of interesting facts behind Walt Disney World and the Magic Kingdom. I feel that Palace would be able to make something similar to this, except adding a few Palace facts, as well as Disney facts here and there. Obviously because this would be on Minecraft, the price wouldn't be as expensive as the current tour price for Orlando's Walt Disney World, maybe something like $10 and have limited sessions? Another thing to bring extra realism would be a replica of the "Utilidors", underneath the Magic Kingdom. To make the tour extra worth it, there could also be a forum badge / award for anyone who participates in these tours, to show they took part and learned some facts along the way. The tours would be set at certain times in EST, or the user who has purchased the tour session would receive an email / DM with their time-slot. This would of-course be based on if the cast member is available, otherwise the tour could be rescheduled. While on the tour the tour member will receive a special role to make sure other members of the staff team don't get confused with hackers or players in areas they aren't meant to be in. The role would be "Tour", or "Tourist", and they would only have the role for the duration of the tour. Maybe the tour would also be able to include some behind the scenes on how a show / parade is prepared, and be the Grand Martial before that parade starts? There are plenty of ways to make this experience extra magical for players who would purchase this extra special tour, but these are just a few examples. Note: I added "BTS" as a tag standing for "Behind The Scenes". Ways this could be improved: Potential resort stay for a certain amount of hours (24 max) A replica creation of the Utilidors underneath MK (I know this might be difficult due to the secrecy.) A forum badge 'award' to show they took part in the tour. Special access to show setup. A special tag to show they are on the tour. Facts on both Disney and Palace / MCMagic during the tour. Let me know any other ideas you have!
  4. How long will the ride for the new Tron ride be?
  5. Hello everyone! I have a little announcement to make that concerns CJ's #PalacePix. Tomorrow i will be moving the series to my Forums Club. If you want to join it, head here: Anyways... Let's get on with the pix! Frontierland Shootin' Arcade (no warp): The Hall of Presidents (/warp hop) aaaannnndddd last but not least, HAUNTED MANSION! (/warp hm) Thank you for reading, and if you have any tips on photo-making, or have any feedback, let me know! o/
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