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Found 16 results

  1. Our newest attraction, Splash! is now open! Come to /plotwarp SeaWorld to ride it!
  2. Yes! Today is the day. Today, we are releasing our brand new Theatre! The Opening Ceremony will be announced here by either me or the Coordinators. As a member of this brilliant team, I would like to invite you all to join us.
  3. until
    Come join us for food from around the world at our Seven Seas food festival quick serve pop-up shop located right between Dolphin and Sea Lion Stadium!!! As well join us for live entertainment from our Seven Seas Concert Stage, those dates will be announced later! This event is over the coarse of 6 full weeks however live entertainment will be on select nights. Can't wait to see you there!
  4. If you're reading this, you are most likely interested in becoming a Character at SeaWorld Palace Entertainment! Below are some rules for applying: - Always use the template below when applying. - Use grammar and make sure to use paragraphs! - Don't ask when your application will be read, it will be read within 3 days. -Put your application as a new topic in the category and put your title as: (USERNAME)Character Application -Do not copy all the answers from the example application ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Status Character Applications are currently: OPEN ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Open Characters Coral (Dolphin) Puck (Penguin) Flip (Sea Lion) Dolly (Dolphin) Oppie (OP) (Otter) Penny (Penguin) Shivers (Polar Bear) Clyde (Sea Lion) Arthur C. (Turtle) Seamore (Sea Lion) Sir Winston (Walrus) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Application Template What is your Minecraft username? Do you have discord? (It is required) Which character are you applying for? Please give 2(or more) quotes for the character you are applying for? Why do you want to be a character at SWPE? When did you discover SeaWorld Palace Entertainment? What do you know about SeaWorld in general? How do you feel about animals in captivity? Can you change your skin? (It is required to be a character) Have you had experience as a character either with Palace or with any other plot? Have you been a character here at SWPE before? (this includes if you are currently a character) If your answer was "yes" to the question above please name what character(s) you were/are. Why did you choose SeaWorld Palace Entertainment to apply for character? Anything else? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Example of an application What is your Minecraft username? My minecraft username is Joshmc_. Do you have discord? (It is required) I do have discord and my tag is Joshmc_#5051 Which character are you applying for? I am applying for Coral Please give 2(or more) quotes for the character you are applying for? Two quotes from Coral are: "If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed" and "Real happiness is effortless" Why do you want to be a character at SWPE? I would like to be a character at SWPE because I love entertaining guests. When did you discover SeaWorld Palace Entertainment? I discovered SWPE after ThePilotOrca advertised job applications for SWPE a while back. What do you know about SeaWorld in general? I know that SeaWorld is a marine theme park company from the United States. How do you feel about animals in captivity? As long as they are being treated all right and are being looked after then I think it's great. However if they are being treated horribly with no room to swim then I think they should be freed. Can you change your skin? (It is required to be a character) Yes I can change my skin. Have you had experience as a character either with Palace or with any other plot? I used to be the character Coordinator at another plot on creative. Have you been a character here at SWPE before? (this includes if you are currently a character) No I have not. If your answer was "yes" to the question above please name what character(s) you were/are. Why did you choose SeaWorld Palace Entertainment to apply for character? I chose SWPE because I love SeaWorld and there characters. Anything else? No _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You will receive a response for your application in the next 3 days! Good luck! Joshmc_, Head of Characters, Co-Owner of SeaWorld Palace Entertainment.
  5. Coming to creative #soon
  6. SeaWorld Palace Entertainment is proud to announce the acquisition of Magic Corp, That is my old company's parks, which includes 3 plots, Magical World, and 2 that are yet to be developed. We also are proud to announce that I've donated my 2nd plot to SWPE! We are so happy for this to happen and we hope you are too! We are going to be spicing up Magical World. More details released later! With this @Peanut_TheDog is the new Magic Corp Manager for SWPE and will be working with us to make Magical World and our other plots even better!
  7. until
    Due to Christmas we have decided to close the park for the days above. We will be open on Christmas Eve.
  8. until
    Join us for our finial party of the holidays! Featuring Santa, Mrs Claus and Rudolph! Some Christmas cookie trails! A SeaWorld scavenger hunt! And a light up the night! Hope to see you there
  9. INTRODUCING "CLUB ORCA! Club Orca is a special group that is chosen by our Coordinators team that are active within the community, and we think deserve to be a Club Orca member! Club Orca can also be won in giveaways, that happen every so often on discord! What do you get for being in Club Orca? You get sneek peek to new events, a splashtastic chill-out lounge on the plot, and the ability to test out rides, and come on exclusive encounters with our animals! Questions? If you have any questions, ask message me or ThePilotGamer on discord!
  10. Hey everyone! Your Chief Events Officer Joshmc_ here! So I decided to take the time to ride each ride, and time them. So these are the clock times of all the rides! (Note:these may be official Pilot just hasn't viewed them yet ) So, we have 4 rides that I timed: Splash, Mako, Manta, and Kraken! Splash-Splash clocked in as our longest ride with 2 minutes 14 seconds and 8 milliseconds Mako-Mako is our shortest ride with 42 seconds and 12 milliseconds Manta-Manta is our second shortest ride with 58 seconds and 89 milliseconds Kraken-Kraken is our second longest ride with 1 minute 22 seconds and 86 milliseconds Hopefully this will help someone if your at SeaWorld and you only have a certain amount of time you know what rides you can fit in! Anyway hope this will help someone <3
  11. Hello everyone! I would just like to say thank you for all of your guys' support for SeaWorld Palace. We are currently the second most popular club on the website, so that is insane! We are working our hardest to bring you brand new shows, such as Dolphin Days, to say our thank you's, and are always thinking of ways for us to make SeaWorld Palace more enjoyable! Thank you, ThePilotGamer Owner of SeaWorld Palace
  12. Come join us for the grande re-opening of Splash! SeaWorld Palace's dark ride! Its all done refurbishment and is ready for you to swim on in!
  13. So all though Splash just opened in the end Pilot and I were un-happy with the result. So it will be going down for a extensive refurbishment. This will include new show scenes and changes to current ones. Can't wait for you guys to see the result! It is un-known when it will be re-opened.
  14. Hey guys! So myself @ThePilotGamer, and @Chrisboy04 are pleased to say: Splash! Has finished its refurbishment! Splash is our dark ride rollercoaster hybrid that closed for a refurbishment recently, however after lots of work from Pilot, Chris and a bit from myself Splash is ready to reopen! It will be reopened to the public Saturday December 1st at 12 PM EST!!! Hope yo see you guys there!!!
  15. until
    Come join us for a One Ocean and Light up the Night! We will be performing Light Up The Night at 1 PM EST however TPA's will be opening at 12:30 PM EST and One Ocean will be showing at 2 PM EST but TPA's will open 1:30 PM EST. This is the end of this weeks Christmas Party at SeaWorld Palace, more dates of the party will be announced soon!
  16. Hi there! My name is Joshmc_! I joined the SeaWorld staff team on October 19th 2018! When I joined the staff team I joined as Vice-Director of Trainers. My positions here at SeaWorld are: Vice-Director of Trainers 10/19/18-11/03/18 Director of Trainers 11/03/18-11/18/18 Chief Events Officer/Executive 11/18/18-12/03/18 General Coordinator/Coordinator 12/03/18- 02/10/19 Co-Owner 02/10/19-Present So that's a little about what I do here at SeaWorld Palace Entertainment, but what about me as a person? So I love Disney (like most people on Palace) and Universal but Harry Potter is my favorite. I am a crazy person. And I am currently an Honorable here at Palace Network To be honest theirs not much to say other than that and if you see me around feel free to say "Hello!"

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