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Found 10 results

  1. ItzPolarBear


    Hello! Today At 12PM Eastern (Not Mid-Night ) We Will Be Showing A Special Showing Of Wishes, RSVP For VIP Seating, And We Hope To See You There! Currently As It Is Also December, We are also showing our version of Holiday Wishes! Stay Tuned On Our Club For More Information.
  2. Wishes - A Holiday Spectacular Will Show 12/8/18 @ 12:00PM! When This Happens Please If You Are Interested Please TPA To ItzPolarBear, or Any Other Lights Park Staff Team Member They Will Be Happy To Help You! =D
  3. Are you guys ready for another party hosted by Mickey? Join us on Sunday, December 2nd and 23rd for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2018! There will be shows, characters, cookies, and more! Dress for the weather! I recommend wearing a Christmas sweater or something festive! #PalaceWinter
  4. BGannon


    Hello Palace Network! We have a place where you can fly into the future, travel to a circus, meet princesses and princes, visit a haunted mansion, go back in time to the colonies, and also fight pirates. We are so happy to announce a new project called NewMK! Majestic+ will start previewing on Sunday the 5th at 12:00pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). Within a preview you may see staff building and a bunch of new things! And Nobles don’t worry you’ll get to see the place where you can dream soon! Our build team are so glad you will finally get to see all of our hard work. See ya real soon!
  5. BGannon


    More of these will be coming out soon, but currently busy with other projects.
  6. Hey, Everyone! So, as many of you know, when I’m not working on things on the WDW server (probably the Monorails), I work as a Monorail Pilot at the real WDW. (No wonder I wanted to work on the Monorails for the server right? Who would have guessed?) Many of you know that we have 12 lovely trains in our fleet, and each of them have a different color! Don’t remember them all? Well, let me help you out! You can see the image, but I’ll list them for you as well: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Coral, Lime, Teal, Peach. The last two are the two lovelies that unfortunately had to be retired, Pink and Purple. All these in mind, this is my question to you all: Which Monorail is your Favorite? Listing it is simple enough, but tell me a story if you had a really good experience or if it’s just your favorite one! Let me give you my example to start: My all time favorite is Monorail Purple. Purple is my favorite color and I can remember riding on Purple in the Early 2000’s before it had to go away. Now that Purple is gone, my top choice is definitely Peach. Why? Well, Peach has an interesting history, if you want to look it up, you may. And also, that’s the train I passed my Driving Assessment in on October 1st, 2016! The day I truly became a Monorail Pilot. Tell me all about your favorite! I’d love to hear any interesting stories about good Monorail experiences you might have had! Stay Magical, Everyone! Your friendly Monorail Pilot, Xefraccil
  7. Snow White's Scary Adventures was one of my favourite rides as a young child, not only did it scare me, it was a true memory of my youth. One day I when to Disney World, and it was gone... I like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and how they re-cycled the animatronics from the former ride, however Snow White was my favourite attraction of Fantasyland. I just wish it could make its return, if not then they should refurbish the one at Disneyland ASAP!
  8. Okay, so I've been looking at these posts, and it's all fine and dandy, but there is no talk of the food! And let's be honest here, it's probably one of the few great things about the parks. Y'all can't deny that one! Personally, I think the Dole Whips and donuts are the greatest. I mean, I love donuts in general, so that one is a given. And Dole Whips? How could I resist a pineapple soft serve dessert? If I could, I'd probably have one every day! That probably wouldn't be healthy, though... What kind of treats do you guys like? I'm very curious to know, because why not! And I'm just a curious person in general.
  9. Different Festival of Fantasy pictures!

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