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The Puppet I got from DisneyLand

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Hey guys!

So I wanted to share a funny story I got for DisneyLand.

When I was maybe around 14 or 15, I got to go to Disneyland with my friend Mariana. She had never gone but I had, so it was exciting to show a friend around the place where dreams come true! *cue Disney music*

We weren't in any particular rush since we got to the park pretty early. So we took a stroll through the various stores on Main Street.

When all of a sudden, I came across this particular store. It was the trick store that was tucked between 20th Century Music Company and Disney Showcase. Inside, it had various card trick sets, magic trick sets, and all of the above. I passed this box on the floor which made me double-take.

It was a box of puppets! And not the puppets with string and are all creepy and such, the hand-puppet velvet kind! Like the Muppets!

They had a few different kinds of puppets, Kings, Dragons, even a Cowboy!


The one that I wanted, was the pasta-chef-man. The puppet was a tan-skinned man with a italian-mario-like mustache and tired eyes. He resonated with me. He wore a white chef's hat and a white, crisp, cooking uniform. The toy had a slit where your hand went in and a stick you could use to move the puppet's hand. Instantly, I was in love. The man at the counter rang him up.


This little bugger was now forever glued to my hand. I had never fallen in love so fast. (don't tell my fiancee I said that)

So after this purchase, my friend and I continue on our journey through DisneyLand. The one thing I can remember most about this particular day, was when I went onto the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with my new friend on my hand.

As we waited in line, I noticed a guy a few feet in front of us had a puppet too! His was the dragon! What's even more shocking was that he was wearing a King's outfit! Crown and Cape and all! 



So I start jumping in line, waving my poor italian puppet like crazy, and people begin to notice. Eventually, the king with the puppet turn to me and waved. (yeshhh...)

But, the best part of this story is when we got ONTO the ride. As we boarded the boat, the Disney worker looked at me then at the puppet, then at me again. After a moment of silence, they just said "Don't lose him."

Like, oh mah gawd, I paid $45 for this man, no way am I losing him THAT easily.

So if you have been on this ride, you would know how there is a little eating place across from the boats in the ride! (for those who don't, now you know)

So I noticed some people sitting at some of the little tables, waiting to be served. They noticed me and my friend (and the puppet) on the boat and waved at us as we were going down the water. Instinctively as we moved behind some bushes, I shot out my arm, raised the puppet above my head, and used the stick to wave goodbye to the people.

They. Loved. It.

I heard some laughter as we zoomed down the little water hill. It was amazing.

So our little italian-puppet, whose name I forgot to mention was Alfredo (adorable, isn't it?), is now tucked somewhere in my family storage but the crazy thing is, he isn't sold at DisneyLand anymore! None of the puppets are!

When I went last month to Disneyland with my Fiancee (previous post), I went back to that same store and they weren't selling the puppets!

To be fair, it was nearly 5 years ago so I'm pretty sure Disney has to update their inventory and all that.

But the strange thing is that I can't find them on eBay or anywhere else! I think I might have a rare item from DisneyLand!

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10 hours ago, Amids said:

I never knew Disneyland used to sell puppets!

I didn't either! But when i visited when I was 14-15 they had them! But I went back recently and they dont have it anymore!

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