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Very Potter Day!

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Love these pictures, and love the one you caught of me and YNG with Captain America shields @Foxes_Rule, that was such a funny moment. :ag:

I loved this event so much! Looking forward to the next one that's just as awesome as this, here's some of my pictures!


A VERY POTTER DAY, 25.01.20:

Got my Hufflepuff Robe ready!


Group picture with some of the wonderful staff who helped out with the event!


The London Offices are busy, so many Hogwarts students getting their acceptance letters!


Sorting time! What an awesome table, Hufflepride!


Make sure to hold your breath...


Poor Cedric...


A visit from Harry Potter!


And last but certainly not least, a group picture before the event had even started! Eager for the awesomeness to start!



Big thanks to @Pink_Rosebud & @creatorforparks for hosting yet another great event, I enjoyed helping out so much and having fun with everyone. I know they all had such a great time too! Can't wait to see more awesome events to come on the server, you guys always know how to create a bunch of fun events for everyone to enjoy. Now I wish we had a Harry Potter day everyday! Awesome work guys! :ba:

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