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Attention, recruits! 

We would like to officially announce that from February 22nd to February 28th, the Palace Network will be hosting Marvel-A-Thon, a full week of action-packed fun themed after Marvel! This adventurous week will include EXCLUSIVE Marvel-themed minigames, an overlay of your favorite parks, and maybe even visits from some of your favorite heroes - or villains!

Starting on Sunday, February 2nd, you will be able to build your own Marvel decoration on Creative, with a chance of it being added into the parks! Make sure you /join creative to get started on your masterpiece.

We hope you’re ready for this thrilling week! Let us know some of your favorite Marvel characters below!

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Guest SandDreemurrSteele

I would have to say Gamora and Doctor Strange are my favorite marvel characters. Not that there's much of a contest in my books

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