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Graphic Design | 5 Minute Challenge!

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Greetings Everyone!

I know I haven't been as active as I would like on the forums, but that doesn't mean that I stopped creating! Recently, I challenged myself by... doing a "5 Minute Challenge". This isn't something I typically do  but... nevertheless, I thought it would be interesting to share my workflow / process when designing things.



The first thing I do when creating a new project is making the solid background a certain color (darker colors look best). Then, I find the color that best suits the theme of the project. This project doesn't really have a specific theme other than being a "twitch overlay" however, I would prefer to use darker colors. The way I get my colors is by using "Hex Colors". This is a combination of 6 letters & numbers which form a Hex Color. The color I will be using is "#2b2634". If you're looking for some Hex Colors I recommended websites which give you the ability to create your own. (Project is 1920x1080 size)


(Hex color I'm using)



Step two was to look for a background to use. The background is the foundation for this project and for the most part it is the theme. I recommend searching up 
"Duelyst backgrounds" which I used myself for this project. Once you have your background, You should be able to drag and drop it into your software of choice. Fit the image onto your project and change the opacity of the image. The reason why I did the third step is because if you lower the opacity of the solid background you can see through it. This was important because if I had done nothing it would be a white background which isn't the type of "mood" that I am trying to set.


(I set the opacity to 15)



Now that I'm done with the background It's time to work on the shapes! I started by creating the outlines with white rectangles. This will be used to layer your screens. I'll be making an area which will be where your footage will be shown (this will be about 60% of the space taken). After I've done that I'll start adding text for "recents followers" and "recent subscribers". I'll also be adding text on the top right hand side which would include your name. Next, I will make an area for twitch chat. I also recommend not using a solid white color for the "borders". It won't seem like a huge difference but I recommend using the hex color "#eff0f2" for this. (it will make the most amount of difference... TRUST ME)





This will be the fourth and final step of this process. I will be adding another smaller rectangle on top of the white triangles. The last thing to do is to add an area for your facecam and you're done! This entire process of doing the 5 Minute Challenge took me FOUR MINUTES with a whole minute to spare! (don't confuse that for how long it took me to create this post!). Hopefully I've made the entire process of mine easy to follow as I tend to overcomplicate things! 




If anyone has any comments or feedback it would always be greatly appreciated! If you'd like to contact me feel free via the forums or DIscord! "Hayze#0001"

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