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runPalace: Love around the World Showcase

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What is runPalace?

Founded by FluffyTheCat in June, 2019 - runPalace is a marathon event hosted throughout the Disney parks on the Palace Network. There will be obstacles, challenges, and surprises all the way down the track, so it truly is not an ordinary racing event. Along side all of that, winners of these races will also receive some pretty large and exciting prizes! (Don't worry those who don't win, we'll also have a little participation treat in store for you!)


Important Details

When: Saturday, 15th of February

Time: 2:30PM EST

Where: EPCOT (Warp will be announced on the day).

What to wear: Your most lovely Valentine’s outfits. (I recommend pink or red colors!)



1st Place: Shareholder for 1 Month (If shareholder: you will receive a cosmetics bundle of your choice).

2nd Place: Rank Upgrade. (If first place is a shareholder, you will receive shareholder for 1 month!)

3rd Place: Cosmetic bundle of your choice. (If first place is a shareholder, you will receive a rank upgrade!)

4th Place: $1,000 in game dollars and 200 tokens.

5th Place: $500 in game dollars and 100 tokens.


runPalace Scavenger Hunt

With all our amazing decor, we thought we would bring back another old Palace tradition of a scavenger hunt. Throughout the course, armor stands of Princes and Princesses are placed on display, with a quote from their movie. Find all of the armor stands across the course and fill out the form given out at the event for the chance to win a rank upgrade, courtesy of TheCraftyBatman!

*NOTE: You will receive time to explore the course to complete the scavenger hunt after the actual race, so you don't have to stop and make mental note. Whether you are competing in the race or not, you can walk the course to take part in the scavenger hunt!*


Additional Information

Our course is outlined by pink, red and white ‘roses petals’ and the edges are fenced off so you can easily see the track! Don’t worry too much about getting lost as our staff members can guide and cheer you on from the sidelines.

The map stretches throughout the entire World Showcase, through the east side of Journey Into Imagination and The Seas, around the giant Spaceship Earth ball and looping back up to the west side of Mission Space and Test Track. Finally, over the bridge at the Epcot Experience centre and then across the finish line! It may sound like it will take forever to cover all this ground, but it will be over before you know it!

After our race we will have a ‘finish line’ celebration party! Whether you were a runner or a watcher, come along and celebrate Valentine’s Day with us. There will be music, food and maybe some special friends to join us! 


We hope you are all excited for the love-filled return of runPalace, and we can't wait to see you all there!

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