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Hello Palace Fam!

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Hello everyone! I'm Disneyfreak! I'm a new Guest Relations Trainee for the server. I'm so excited to finally be here. I can't wait to help. 

A little bit about me:

  • I love everything Disney 🏰.
  • I love reading :read:.
  • I have 3 cats, Junior, Mackenzie, and Baloo 🐱.
  • I have a turtle, Squirt 🐢
  • I love gaming 🎮.
  • My favorite Disney movies are Ratatouille 🍝, Brave 🏹 , and Wreck-It Ralph 💥.
  • My favorite superhero is Spiderman🕷️🕸️.
  • My favorite character from the Fab 5 is Minnie Mouse

I can't wait to be able to help bring the magic to life. Love you all ❤️


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