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So when I was about 8 years old me my Mother, Father, and Brother went to Walt Disney World. It was our last day before we were going to head home. So my parents allowed me and my brother so get a Souvenir coin. After we got those we headed to its a small world as are last ride of the day. As we are in line my mom starts to tickle my brother as a joke when all of the sudden my brother starts crying. My mom ask my brother why are you crying he says I lost my coin and mom says where did it go is it in the water? My brother goes no I Swallowed it. So it turns out while my mother was tickling my brother he had the coin in his mouth.. Smart kid he is. So we had  to take him to the doctors they have at Walt Disney World and they said wait till he poops it out. So we had to wait and wait and everyday he got a X-ray scan to see if it came out or not. We ended up getting an Extra 3 days at Walt Disney World all because we had to stay with that doctor. So I mean my brother did swallow a coin but I got 3 days extra of the parks! lol. [But yea just thought I share this interesting story xd]

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Hello @FutureBloopers!

I love that story! One time we stayed an extra three days because there was a blizzard back at home and all of the flights were cancelled so we were stuck in Walt Disney World for three extra days. That is amazing that you got three extra days. No one wants to leave Walt Disney World, that's for sure. 

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