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Festival Of The Arts Celebration.

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Hello all! 😊

I'm posting this in here to give you some news about an upcoming event, The Festival Of Arts Celebration I will also be explaining most of what is happening and dates and information.

Dates and times

This event will take place on the 29th of February from 2:30pm-4pm est.


This event will start off with a character dining with a few special guests who will be able to meet you all for a traditional dining in Epcot.

Afterwards we will commence 2 experiences, these will be revealed on the day but for now I can reveal one of them will be very tech themed and will allow you to create your own art.

Disclaimer: This experience at the event will not be for the Mural achievement.

Other ways to celebrate the festival of arts.

In Epcot at the moment we have multiple decoration stands set up for you to come find these will be open whilst the festival of arts is running.

We will also have our classic murals set up so you and your friends can paint on these in the parks, this will include a special achievement which can't be got anywhere else so get painting!

That's all for now but I hope to see you on the 29th of February for this event!

-PanicAtTheJedi Events Coordinator 🖌️🎨

Also make sure to RSVP a space at this event at the community calendar 📅




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