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Hello! (New Version)

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Ok, so i did one of these last year, but its kind of outdated so here we go:

Hello! My name is DaddyGeesh, a name my dad gave me. My nickname is Mac, because I love mac and cheese! I have a lot of dolls, their like my second family! My favorite is Clara, shes a very cute doll, and i love her side bangs! Action! I've loved filming videos with my dolls ever since i got a phone. My favorite park is EPCOT and my favorite ride is Spaceship Earth! During The closure of Spaceship Earth though, my favorite ride will probably be Jungle Cruise. Someday I will remember to ask for Dweller as a Birthday or Christmas Present, because I've always loved this server and want to support it. I also love stuffed animals, i have collect at least 100 over the years, probably more though. I love animals in real life, mostly dolphins and parrots. I also really like going to thrift stores and turning trash into some thing wonderful again! I also have a cat named Boozie, he begs a lot but he is cute. So, that's really it about me, I'll see you all on Palace Network! Bye!

Pick up litter, save a life.


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Hi there, DaddyGeesh! Nice introduction! 

I agree, Jungle Cruise & Spaceship Earth are amazing rides! I love the history and background knowledge given when riding the ride! So cool that you have over 100 stuffed animals! 

See you around the parks, pal! 

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