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Hello there! My name is Cake and I'm so happy to introduce myself on this website! I joined MCMagic since 2014.. And now it has become The Palace Network! This server will honestly always be my favorite server. The amount of friends I made here is unreal and I love how everyone treats each other with kindness! I'm so grateful to being a part of this awesome community! So as you all know of course, I'm a Disney Fan! I love creativity, and Disney World to me is being a part of all these magical creations which are out of this world! I enjoy experiencing the music and the different atmospheres in each park. And I'm always glad to meet new people who share the same or even have different interests! Kindness is what's key!

  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Little Mermaid
  • Favorite Disney Songs: Colors of The Wind, All is found, Under the Sea, I Just Can't Wait to Be King
  • Favorite Disney Rides: Soarin' Around The World, The Tower of Terror, Rock n' Roll Coaster, It's a Small World! , Shanghai Disneyland Pirates Of The Caribbean
  • Favorite Disney Resort: Walt Disney World
  • Favorite Disney Park: Epcot



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