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I've been talking to others on the subject before and everyone I've talked to agrees that on the creative server there should be a plugin for armorstand posing! I think it could really make some builds pop on the creative server. It would also make for really good practice for if anyone wished to become a builder for the server some day. Let me know what you guys think of the idea!

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Just saw this and apologise for such a late response! This is definetly a highly requested feature that Guests and Staff have wanted to be added for sometime. I'm unsure if you attended PalaceCon last year, when we announced the new Creative Update that was coming (there is still no set date for this to happen). Included in that was the possibility of  an Armour Stand Editor being implemented on the Creative Server. I have spoken to the Development Team recently and we're hoping to get this added as soon as possible for you all, however life always comes first and everything must be tested before being added onto the server so we iron out as many bugs as possible for you all.

We will always release more information when we get it to keep you all informed. We usually do this through the server or our Discord server.

Thank you for your suggestions, we love hearing them and trying to implement as many of them as possible!


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