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Welcome to Week 1 of Secret Passage!

So lets recap from yesterday, you have find a certain amount of signs in each section of a park, so in Animal Kingdom there's 6 sections, Africa, Dinosaur U.S.A, etc. The signs will be easy, but hard to find in a way, if you understand what I'm saying. Basically you'll know when you've found the secret sign.

Anyways lets start Week 1!

Park Located: Magic Kingdom
Number of Signs: 14
(Located in Mainstreet, Fantasy Land (/warp fl), Frontier Land (/warp frontierland), Adventure Land (/warp al), Liberty Square (/warp libertysquare), Tomorrow Land (/warp tl) & Story Book Circus (/warp sbc))


The signs will look like this:
These signs can be anywhere, just not in queues cause that's annoying.
But make sure to look behind doors, corners, paths, etc!

ALSO you'll know when you find the signs, because it will have these banners around it:

Click here for the form link!
Winners will be picked randomly!

Good luck to you all!


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So I was really stupid and forgot to put the IGN question in on the form, and I had another extra text box so yeah I'm fixing that. This is what happens when you do this at like 2 in the morning and not paying attention whatsoever. Sorry to the two people who finished it.

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Hey! So pretend that it's still Friday for all of you EST folks, like 11:59 PM. Anyways so this is the end of week 1 of Secret Passage! Either tomorrow or Sunday I will announce the 3 lucky winners (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place)! But to whoever those 3 are, congratulations!

Also here's the secret passage & where the signs were located. (Do not mind how bad I was at describing where they were. Just had to do that just in case I forgot where they were).



See you hopefully next week for Week 2!

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