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Comparison pictures of my plot! (and an extra story!)

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Good day everyone!

Some of you might know this but I started this giant project in July 2017 and it has changed drastically over the years. You can see the progress at /plotwarp Creeperkgplot on the creative server.

Today I have for you some pictures of my plot build--two are from August 5th, 2018, and two are what it looks like now from the same angle. I will also include an unrelated story that you may find interesting later in this post. Alright, here are the pictures:









As you can see, a lot has changed! Most of the major changes are meant to give the build more harmony, mainly through contrast for the terrain and using similar blocks on buildings. I still have much to update!


As I promised, I have an extra piece that I felt was worth mentioning after I explored around the build.

Evidence of vanished players that visited my plot

1. The "Sign Tile"


Notice that sign attached to my desk? I refer to that 1x1x1 "area" where it is placed as the Sign Tile. It was a sunny day in August 2017. I was about to go AFK to do a homework packet for math, so I sat at my desk in the picture and left the game on. When I came back to play again, there was a sign in front of my desk that I did not place and the only thing written on it was literally just "Hi." The new one that you see is simply a reminder of that moment. Sadly, it is impossible to find out which staff member placed the original sign, because the build is so old that it is not logged in coreprotect anymore. I have documented this story a couple times (once on the old forums) and I just love to go back to it.

2. The neighboring plot


This bit of evidence is a little fuzzy in my memory, but I'll explain what I believe. The plot neighboring mine had a skin comp layout set up for as long as I had my own plot here on palace. It did not, however, have that sign you see in the picture when I checked out this player's build. 

3. The /whisper

Last summer, while I was building that tall structure with the quartz on it, a trainee who I do not remember the name of whispered to me something like "that's a nice looking building you got there!"


"So creeper, what does all of this evidence mean?" Nothing, I am just happy that people visit my project! 😄 I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and the story!


Thank you for reading, and have a good day.



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