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Weekly Poll #2 - Favorite Attraction in Tomorrowland - April 6th, 2020

Weekly Poll #2 - Favorite Attraction in Tomorrowland - April 6th, 2020  

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This week's poll is all about the best ride in Tomorrowland (WDW). Tomorrowland opened with the Magic Kingdom in 1971 with a whopping two attractions: Grand Prix Raceway and the Skyway to Fantasyland... not really a land of Tomorrow. Still the space age, clean white architecture, thrived as more attractions joined the line up. If You Had Wings and Flight to the Moon were opened soon after opening day; however, the land truly didn't feel complete until 1975, when Space Mountain, the WED Way Peoplemover, Star Jets, and the Carousel of Progress opened. These classics still exists to this day, though in very different form. Space Mountain and the Carousel of Progress haven't seen many changes, but the WED Way Peoplemover and the Star Jets fell victim to the 90s Tomorrowland Overhaul. Though, the 90s Overhaul did breathe a new life into the land. It took over the clean white aesthetic and turned it into a more fantastical look at planet colonies and sci-fi. This brought with it classics of its own, such as: Extra Terrorestrial Alien Encounter and The Time Keeper. As we've seen, many attractions have come and gone in this land of Tomorrow. Ironic how much history a land of the future has. Yet, Tomorrowland continues to change, with the upcoming addition of Tron and the return of the clean white architecture. But Today, we're here to talk about the current in Tomorrowland. The best attraction currently in the land.

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