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Weekly Poll #3 - Original EPCOT Center Attractions - April 20th, 2020

Weekly Poll #3 - Original EPCOT Center Attractions - April 20th, 2020   

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EPCOT, while originally envisioned as a futuristic city to end all cities, opened to the world as a Theme Park on October 1st, 1982. This park wasn't a city or your typical theme park, but a combination of the two that could only be described as a "permanent World's Fair". Future World was meant to be a showcase of future technologies with various pavilions sponsored by major corporations. World Showcase was a living example of different cultures and how they could exist side by side, all around one lagoon. As EPCOT Center morphed into Epcot, and now EPCOT, a lot of things have come and gone. The message of a brighter tomorrow still exists, but EPCOT (for better or worse) is turning more into another theme park rather than retaining its World's Fair and educational appeal. As such, many attractions and pavilions have come and gone. Today, we explore the various pavilions of Future World and World Showcase that opened with the park. The list only contains opening day pavilions, including those that still stand today. What is the best original EPCOT Center Pavilion? You tell us.

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