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Which Dates Are Best For You? (Please read post first)  

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Start Your Engines!!!


Ok, so now that all of you are confused by the title and that opening line, I have some explaining to do. I posted a while back about a new plot I was working on at /join creative! Recently me and a few builders have been putting together a little event for you all! The plot will end up being sort of like a theme park, but with more mini game areas and puzzles as well. The first attraction is nearing completion as we speak! The plots opening date will be on May 1st! There will only be one attraction when the plot opens as more will be added in the future...


So what is with that title... well the first attraction coming to this Adventure plot is, PALACE KART! Wait, what? Its spelled wrong, NO! Story time:


"One day ScanWorks was trying to print some good old documents (when the printer ran out of inc) Sooooo Scan traveled the server far and wide to search for some more printer inc! Upon stumbling across a weird looking portal like thing under Epics plot he decided to investigate, POOF! He was gone. It seems he has crossed into some sort of other world and is still looking for printer inc. Something that he does not realize  is that the portal is going to close and collapse! It is your job to find Scan and bring him back before this happens, or there will be no more printed documents. 😧 We are not really sure what to expect in this "other world" but we are going to give you all some really fast cars! Some oddly shaped walking mushrooms have been appearing on our side of the portal, not really sure what this means. OH... and I forgot to mention, the first person to bring Scan back home safe and sound will be receiving a prize! So gewd luck!"


Alright so that is enough story time, as you can see the situation is serious! Now of course we need all hands in on this, the more people that sign up, the faster we will find Scan! A tournament styled racing group will be held sometime in May, I am going to post a poll here so that way you all can vote on what days work the best for you! Until then I will post updates here, Good luck to all that enter! If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!


~ Stay Epic 😃

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