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Hey there, peoples! I haven’t done one of these yet so here it is.

• My name is Solarsystem7. I’m usually referred to as Solar. I’ve been with Palace ever since it was MCMagic back in 2013. I own Solar7 Parks and Resorts, a company on Palace Creative, and its been my dream becoming a staff member here... and here I am!

• I’m a huge Disney fan. I’m currently marathoning all the Disney animated films! Wish me luck... My current favorite Disney movies include: Aladdin, Sword in the Stone, Big Hero 6. I’m also a Disneyland Annual Passholder! So, I constantly go to Disneyland. My favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight!

• I’m also a major gaming nerd. I enjoy playing Nintendo games a lot! My favorite games are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon, Shovel Knight. I own a Switch, Wii U, 3DS, DSi, and a PS4 and PS2.

• I love theatre, and acting in general! I have been to New York once and saw several musicals. And, I usually frequent shows at the Pantages Theatre. My favorite shows include: Aladdin, Come From Away, Dear Evan Hansen, Waitress, Beetlejuice, Be More Chill. I’ve also done a few productions as well. I wish to further pursue this.

And there you have it! If you wanna start a conversation, be sure to reply to this post with a question, comment, or anything! Cya on the server! ❤️


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