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For those who don't know me, I'm JackSkelingtonMC on Palace. A lot of people already know me on the server but this is my official way of introducing who I am both outside and inside the server.  I play on the creative side of the server (most days), and am incredibly active there and on the Palace discord as well. I work on a lot of peoples plots but am best known for being a member of the DMA plots. I'm a super friendly and helpful person. I'm a college student, studying to become a mental health counselor as I major in psychology. I never judge and am always here for those who need someone to talk to or need advice on anything. I've been working hard towards becoming a member of the Palace staff team, and am always willing to give build advice to those who apply for the creator project. The creator program has been wonderful thus far and I want to make sure all who apply get an equal opportunity at knowing how to improve their builds so I'm always here if you need feedback for that or in general! Finally I'd like to say that to all who read this, thank you for reading it!

Have a spooktacular day on the Palace Network! 🎃

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