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Aloha everyone!

Welcome to the second spot the difference!

Below you will find eight differences between the the two images! Figure out the eight differences, and DM your answers to (pinkiness#0727) on Discord! For a bonus point, guess which park this image is from! As a reminder: we will randomly select 3 winners from submissions to win a special prize too so make sure you submit your answers (even if you can’t find them all)! This week will be closed once the next week opens so make sure you get your answers in on time!





Good luck everyone!


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  • Team Leaders

Hey there! Congratulations to all the people who found all 8 differences! With our lucky randomizer here are our 3 winners!

1st Place: @krisyyng

2nd Place: @rainbowpup028

3rd Place: @EthanPotatoo

Here are the answers for anyone who was stumped:


Thank you all for the support on our little game - expect a new one soon!

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