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Hello! I'm BrerRabbit1

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Hi everyone! I'm BrerRabbit1 but you can call me Brer. I have been on the Palace Network since it was MCMagic. I joined the server in 2013, became apart of the staff team in 2014, and left in 2018. I decided that I wanted to come back, so I became a builder 3/31/20.

Here's some facts about me: I'm an artist, I have been drawing for about 15+ years. I love to draw cartoons, portraits, and occasionally animate if I'm motivated enough lol. I'm also a gamer, I'm currently playing Minecraft, Subnautica, The Batman Arkham series, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot (new versions), Overwatch, Sea of Thieves, and a bunch of other things. I love comic books, specifically the Batman comics, I own way too many. I love Disney, my favorite character in the whole world is Brer Rabbit. I also love the Simpsons, even though I've only seen a few episodes lol, my favorite character on that show is Sideshow Bob. My favorite Disney and USO attractions are Splash Mountain, Fight of Passage, The Simpsons, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Escape from Gringotts.


So that's about it lol, nice to meet you all!! ❤️


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Howdy Brer! I've seen some of your different builds like your CCV house and their awesome by the way! Also, I love Pirates of the Caribbean and Flight of Passage too, Pirates is such a classic, and Flight of Passage is just literally one of the best rides I've ever rode. Another thing, I also love playing Sea of Thieves it's such a different type of game and has so many cool aspects. Anyway awesome to meet you, see ya round! :D 

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