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Hey guys!

So I'm back with another post, but this time it's not a guide, but instead like a survey!

So I'm a Minecraft Youtuber Advocate, meaning I watch a lot of Youtubers who play Minecraft for their content and support them through views, likes, live streams, and the occasional charity.

I am a Minecraft Youtuber myself, although I can hardly call myself a Youtuber with a measly 6 subscribers. lol. 

But we're not here to discuss about my hobby/dream, what I would like to talk about is how do you guys feel about the small spike in server visits by Youtubers?

From what I saw, LDShadowLady's video factored in a huge sudden spike of visitors and caused the server to crash. For many reasons, this can prove to be problematic. For both the community as well as the moderators and all the staff!

But I personally wouldn't accuse that this particular Youtuber or any other Youtuber in the future, that they have done anything wrong. They just simply wanted to expose another side of the Minecraft culture. Additionally, it's great exposure for the all the amazing builds that is on the server made by the community!

But I am legitimately curious as to how the overall community feels about this Youtube exposure?

Like, I by all means love the idea of "more the merrier" but at the same time, I get nervous when I see the Disney server get publicized. For example, I just saw SeePeaKay's video of the Magic Kingdom Server and although the content was enjoyable, I couldn't but help but to worry about whether or not the server would crash again.

So leave a comment below and let me know! This is quite important to me since I am considering it as a active member of the community as well as a Youtube hobbyist!

Thank you everyone!

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